Thursday, July 22, 2010

8. Bad Moments

This week Esther has been down because of Roy’s breakdown, she didn’t expect it, and fortunately she feels better with her friends courages, the right ones, of course.

Who is very kind lately is Hank, today for example, in a class was arguing with Rudd because of her, what is very sweet. Everybody were of her side. For another part it seems that Wendy and Maisie have problems. After school some girls, like Becky and Maisie went away with their boyfriends.

Esther went home with Wendy, and they were talking openly, so they changed the route and went to the Shopping Centre, laughing, having lunch, and after watching a movie in the cinema they met the couples: Becky and Hank with his girl, how embarrasing!

At the end Esther forgot telling her parents thay she was not going to dinner at home, so when she arrived another telling-off, this is so tiring, that she answered them and they gated her all the weekend, she can’t understand it, it was not such a big deal, why are they so...strict? It’s obvious that is not a good time for Esther, and some times he overthinks so much about her family, about things that she shouldn’t.

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7. Unexpected

Today at gym-class Esther had fun, apart from Rud’s bothers, she had laughed a lot with Susan and Wendy, she has to put up with Maisie. Lately Becky and Aaron are all the time together, and Rufus says everything about them while they’re playing Badmington, and later Hank and J.M. join them, so they’ve had a good time.

After some days without talking, Hank sit down with Esther going back home in the bus. The people around are gossipping, like her friends later, she was amazed!But she has a boyfriend!although he’s a little cold, and she doesn’t know if they’re going to meet this weekend.

The next day Esther talks to Heather to have a couple-meeting, so they are together in the afternoon. But he doesn’t show up, and besides, another friend of them comes, so she gets angry and goes away.

It’s weekend!Heather doesn’t talk to Esther, and the worst is that she meets Roy, and he doesn’t give a damn of her!so, she gets drunk, at the end of the night she spend some time talking with his friends,when he comes to tell her that he’s having bad times and it’s not the best moment to have a serious relationship. A few minutes later she meets Maisie with his boyfriend and humilliates her. Very sad, Esther goes back home alone, again, after all her friends tell her to calm down, and even she’s opening her heart and telling them that she’ve had enough with Maisie, and she should leave the group, but they don’t understand her.

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6. Doubtful relations

At High School there are some weird things, with news. Now Becky and MaJo are getting on very well, while Stelle and Esther are always with their adventures. Also Becky has a boyfriend, who is, by the way, Aaron’s friend: Austin. That’s why they are talking more. Rud still has his old tricks, for example, today in one class was teasing Esther in front of everybody. Thanks to God that Maisie defended her, even though they have some clashes lately. And today she told Esther to go to a party because she’s alone, and she said yes, but she can see that as always as usual Maisie is gettin tangledup and they go mad.

At home they are a little annoyed with Esther saying that she doesn’t collaborate, so the next day: to do the housework!
She’s going at once, Maisie went to her house to go together, but this time they are not all the group. Just the ones with boyfriend, and besides Esther is meeting Hank and his girlfriend, he critizes that Esther drinks , smokes,and just dances all the time.What a horrible night!’Cause apart from that everybody leaves her alone, and Maisie wants her
to get involved with a junkie. So, since this moment she and Maisie are getting on very badly. Finally Esther goes alone home.

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5. Small things become bigger

Is Friday and after confirmation the girls are going to pubs. And as always as usual this last days Rossie and Heather were arguing a little.

Anyway, they met with some of Jeff’s friends and the new Heather’s boyfriend: Monty.

Roy’s friend, who Esther likes a lot, was there too. So, she said to her friends that, at the end of the night it could be funny being all with boyfriends of the same group.

Arriving home, a little while late, Esther’s parents gave her a telling-off because of the time; bad moments home.

The next day Esther is meeting Maisie to do some shoppings, and she’s alone home, so they have lunch together and tell the other girls about it, but just Stelle went there. They were up to their old tricks.

They go later to Stelle’s house after buying the clothes, and they begun to be ready!

Heather is meeting with Monty and company, but she ambush Esther, because she makes Roy riding her home and then he told her to date together, so :ok! He’s a little shy and weird, but she likes that. And they’re meeting next weekend. Great!Esther has a boyfriend! She write all this happened these last days in her diary, that she writes since she's 12, when her aunt gave it to her as a gift in her First Communion.

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4.Becky's birthday

At High School things are ok, Esther is meeting people everyday, she have met 2 girls of her classroom who live in her same neighborhood: Wendy and Maisie, this last one is sitting in front of Esther, besides they have to do a work in class together. And now Esther is getting on very well with Hank. After school she has gone with Maisie home, where her sister Elspeth was, and the girls were there a little time talking about her. Even this new girls go out sometimes with the group.

Today is Becky’s birthday and there is a big party tonight. So, in the evening they have been all of them in the meeting, in a restaurant, well at the end: 14 girls!

They had a great time, although some of them were not getting on very well, so in the end of the party some girls went alone. But Esther’s group all together to finish better, and actually a lot:11. The matter is that had been some jealous things in a lot of parts. Heather split up with his boyfriend, so she was kind of sad. For any reason some girls, like Rossie began a row, because besides, later the girls met a new group of guys, very nice, and obviously some girls were flirting with them.

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3.Little obstacles

In the course they're beginning to feel at ease some of them, because, i.e., in the break they're even a group:Stelle, Becky, Aaron, Rufus and Esther. There's another guy who is joking all the time and teasing Esther: Rud, with his popular friends!And there's another one who she's closing to: Hank, is very nice!and cute!, as well as his friend: J.M., very cheerful.
Well, today at gym's was very embarrasing, where Esther met Suzanne who she skips one class with.
After confirmation they're going out: and you know, drinking, smoking, and flirting!And talking about news and gossip, because some of the girls have boyfriend. Esther is meeting lots of guys. But, oh my god!they're late to go home. So, when she got home her mother was really angry, and not just for being late, but to know about her skip in a course, her english teacher called!The first telling-off thay she's getting. What a full friday.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


Is Sunday, and they're meeting to go to mass and honestly, it was a great time. they've been laughing they 6. Later they're going to the coffee, and drink something, And there they met to thay afernoon.Esther's family, home, were watching a movie and she was going to the bus to go to the city center. Buying (or not)sweets, a little embarrasing!In a park, they've been laughing and eating, and looking guys with a girl. They're asking so many things. When they were moving, to change the place, begun to follow them until a shopping centre.Soon the guys realise they are following them, and some of girls want to be with any of that guys. So suddenly, after all this silly thing, and some glances and laughs, the girl is coming to their part asking them if they wanted to meet them. Of course! so, they're introducing each other.At the end they were realising the interested couples, or girls:Heather and George, Kassie and Jeff. And, the truth is , that they get on very well all of them with the other girl:Cindy, specially. That's why they're meeting for the next weekend.
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1. The Beginning

A new girl(Esther), is going to begin High School. Is the first day, and is waiting in a bench talking with another girl(Stelle), they think they ‘re going to the same course, but when they see the teacher, then they realise that they’re going to different courses. What a pity!
Anyway, after the first break they meet with another girl(Becky), who Esther met studying in her class.
Once they’re having lunch they meet for the next day to go out, because Stelle is going with her own friends to confirmation.
Friday is coming!Esther is very happy in her bedroom, because she’s going to meet her first group of friends, and she begins to remember her childhood in the private school where she was before, with nuns(not a good experience).
She arrives very early to the meeting, buy finally she meets with Stelle and her friends. They are 3: Geraldine(dark hair), Heather(Light brown hair), Rossie(long curly brown hair). So,they go to an own place(warehouse) and have fun. Esther is very happy with all this, she..s getting very good vibes, and, by the way she tells them her great summer(first kiss).
Later they go to the confirmation course
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