Tuesday, May 31, 2011

22. The new guy's group

Today, when the girls went out, they met the new guy's group, and was great fun. Casually Cindy met one of the guys a long time ago. It seem that there will make couples. Let's see: Allan (a blonde smiley boy)with Geraldine, Edmund (a Panamanian dark-haired guy)with Stelle, Ralph(the most gorgeous of the group;brown hair and blue eyes)with Cindy, Ricky, who likes Esther and is latin too, but she likes Troy, in love with his girlfriend. The ones already dating are Heather and Chuck(the typical cocky guy)
They all met on Sunday and went to the park, they are very nice. Esther is talking every time with Troy, although maybe that's worst. So there, they were: Stelle, Heather, Rossie, Cindy, Esther, Allan, Edmund and Troy, who get confused to Esther, he's so liberal and cute!When the day finished Troy told her that he doesn't have a girlfriend. What!?
Stelle was very happy, because Edmund was very nice, driving her home. Esther went home with the rest of the guys, she was so glad that they've found a good group of guys. At least they are decents. That's all that she writes in her diary lying on her bed, listening her favourite dance music when has arrived home

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21.A free Day

At High School things are settling down gradually. Esther talk more with hank, whereas JM give her a splitting headache, what's going on with him??And the rest of the people the same thing: but HE has a girlfriend right now!They say she's just an affair.
Apart from this, snowing all the week, and today one big snowfall, and some teachers couldn't go to classes. Meanwhile, they've taken advantage to play with the snow, Esther is very bad throwing snowballs, so she has been giving a good thrashing, including Hank. In the moment that she was warming near the radiator, Hank went up to keep her company, and they began to remember their funniest moments together. It was great!!Classes are over, but there are no buses. Stelle come up with the idea of attending asèance, so cool, Esther was excited, she always wanted to do it . All the guys there: Stelle, Becky, Aaron, Rufus, Hank, JM, Maisie, WEndy, Henrietta and Esther. However, some of them were not serious about that, but they've had fun.
The bad part is that some teachers had seen them and were disgusted. They said to their parents when they arrived to the School to pick the students up. At least Esther's parents didn't gate her, just a little weird about that. even she doesn't care, 'cause of the good day she had. Is Hank still in love with her??She thinks so...