Monday, June 12, 2017


What a huge telling off has been today. And just because Imogen takes it into her head to be blue. So Esther has had to go to her house with Wendy, why? ‘Cause Imogen has phoned her saying that Esther didn’t want to see her, and that she’s her best friend, what a tricky and twisted behaviour. Anyway, there they have been, the 3 of them doing nothing and then to party at her house and say goodbye to this year, and everybody happy, conclusion: Imogen is a damn changeable fussy liar and besides ungrateful; you have to leave anything you have to do to please her whims. Yeah, maybe, going through the divorce of their parents is hard, the fact that he’s never around, and her mother is all the time working, which leads her to want attention from other people like her “friends”, and just because she doesn’t have siblings, she needs company, but even though Esther is aware of that, she already has her own life, with her yelling parents, arguing all the time, as well as their sisters, but she doesn’t ask for all the attention, as her friend, making her selfish and a lot of negative energy she gives off. Yet, in the night, Esther was still mad, and she said she didn’t want to be with Imogen, and the big telling off began, until a guy got in the middle to calm things down. In the end Maureen, Ivy and Esther left, and they had fun. Even Maureen talked to Luke. Going back home, they run into Wendy, who was dressed up (“Is it carnival??”), who was quite annoyed with Esther for leaving her alone with Imogen: “- What are you talking about?”- asked her Esther-“you’ve decided to be with her” Wendy-“I had no alternative” Esther-“Oh come on! You guys are always complaining about her, but do nothing at all, and the one who most spends the time with her it’s me!! Only me!! Because you see her and run away! Wendy- “you’re always the victim here, but you should have more empathy towards her, ‘cause she has feelings too” Esther – “Are you serious?? You really think I have no empathy?? You should be kidding, really, we’ve stopped doing our things today, and I had to be with my grandma, help my mum with errands, the New Year’s Eve dinner, and my own stuff, to do NOTHING this afternoon, just pleasing her for NOTHING, I’m sick and tired of her. You go, everywhere she tells you, and just whenever she wants, and do JUST all that she wants, come on! I’ll pass her to you, and be her BFF, all yours! And if this wasn’t enough, another one in the middle, Phoebe, Maureen’s sister, saying that she’s had a lot of fun with Imogen. “-Great!! Go out with her then…”-


This week has been horrible, what a cold Esther had! At least she felt better at the weekend, and when Maureen phoned her, she told her about everything that had happened. When they went out Imogen brought hash, because of some contacts. She definitely surprised the girls. It was a long time that they didn’t have that kind of plan, which makes Esther being sleepy and silly, whereas her friends had been joking around, even when they saw Adam, who left astonished. Esther was having lots of fun with Imogen, talking about Luke, they both think they scared him, ‘cause he also left appalled. Maureen felt embarrassed, not knowing where to hide, but the girls cheered her up. Later they run into JM and his friends, and one of them was making fun of Esther, she felt really annoyed about that, it reminded her to that past she didn’t want to remember ever in her life, all those humiliating days, putting up with cruel and mean behaviour from people who didn’t like her way of be. Now, she finally could be almost whoever she wanted, because she had real friends, who accept her in every way. But that doesn’t mean that some guys, or people, still like teasing other people to feel better with themselves, so sad…


In spite of the bad situation with Imogen, today is her birthday, so let’s celebrate it! However, Esther stood her up because she wanted to meet at the Sylvan, and there they were arguing, saying to Imogen that she was not going, she felt stupid going there. 10 minutes later she called again, apparently she was wrong, and was not a party in the pub, whatever… So, in the end she met with her other friends and they hung out, following Luke and Jay…so fun! When she run into Archy, he couldn’t stop laughing with her, because definitely when Esther is drunk she’s really fun. He was with Alan, and the girls totally understood at the moment Imogen’s crush for him. So there they were spending the time ‘til Imogen showed up all mad, she spent more than an hour waiting for her in the pub, and Esther was answering her that she’d already told her that she was not going, whether it was a party or not… Just afterwards they saw Becky with her boyfriend, who had a surprisingly relation fighting and arguing all the time, Lester said to Esther that was common, that they were all the time like that, “- ok! If you like that…( Esther really hates arguing and all that stuff, but she could see while the life was passing by, that some people actually like arguing…-“ Obviously they ended up talking about Derek, even though she doesn’t want to know anything about him, and his stories with her girls, drugs, or whatever…


What an amazing day at class! Obviously Imogen was there, next to Alan, who couldn’t stop talking to him and teasing him. The guy was getting blushed and shy, and Archy and Esther were laughing about that, but of course not aloud. Anyway, in the end the teacher after 3 times warning her, kicked Imogen out, asking for her not to come back again. The unbelievable surprise is that Imogen went on the defensive and acted really rude, telling Esther to defend her, but she passed. When Esther was with her classmates at lunch, they asked her why she was friend of Imogen and to give a damn about her- “If she could…” Today it was one of Confirmation last course. Afterwards they all went to have a drink, which it’s been cool. Later Esther, Maureen and Ivy had a serious conversation about Imogen because nobody can stand her, she’s so mean, tiring, weird, and so many negative things…, but they don’t know how’s going to end. At least the rest of the night was ok, meeting lots of people and again having fun with Luke’s friends.