Monday, June 12, 2017


This week has been horrible, what a cold Esther had! At least she felt better at the weekend, and when Maureen phoned her, she told her about everything that had happened. When they went out Imogen brought hash, because of some contacts. She definitely surprised the girls. It was a long time that they didn’t have that kind of plan, which makes Esther being sleepy and silly, whereas her friends had been joking around, even when they saw Adam, who left astonished. Esther was having lots of fun with Imogen, talking about Luke, they both think they scared him, ‘cause he also left appalled. Maureen felt embarrassed, not knowing where to hide, but the girls cheered her up. Later they run into JM and his friends, and one of them was making fun of Esther, she felt really annoyed about that, it reminded her to that past she didn’t want to remember ever in her life, all those humiliating days, putting up with cruel and mean behaviour from people who didn’t like her way of be. Now, she finally could be almost whoever she wanted, because she had real friends, who accept her in every way. But that doesn’t mean that some guys, or people, still like teasing other people to feel better with themselves, so sad…

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