Monday, April 7, 2014


What an awful weekend, especially `cause when the girls were gossiping, they’ve said that Alvin likes Cindy and wants to ask her for a date. Again the old same story, can this be possible?This girl is always in the way. Meanwhile putting up with Imogen, since she had been drinking before alone, alone?Why does she drink alone, anyway?That’s sad. Well, the thing is that, while they were going in the way to the pubs, some of them have to stop because she’s begun to bring up, including Ge’ne and his boyfriend, complaining all the time. That doesn’t help. Yet, in the pub, Esther can see the new relation between Alvin and Cindy, that’s disgusting for her. How can a person changes its mind like that??´Til both of them get involved. After that the silly Cindy is going towards Esther to ask her about that: -`are you kidding me?´?-answered Esther-`you’ve already kissed him´. Still with the dumb face Cindy doesn’t know what the exact answer is. Just amazing: -`Whatever Cindy, do whatever you want, obviously this guy is an asshole for me´ And there she goes again with another lout. Esther gets so annoyed that the more she drinks the more she wants. Then, some hours later Elmer shows up, and again, not knowing how, they get involved. But Esther realises soon the horrible mistake she’s having and leaves the pub as quickly as possible. Even though she’s not that drunk , still mad. When she gets home, writes down in her diary, she really needs to get out of her system, she feels so let down, and disappointed by Cindy, but maybe is not all her fault, but she could have rejected him, right??And no one else cares about that, it is true that it seems silly and perhaps she didn´t like Alvin that much, but apparently that was in her head, not in the heart, she can’t control it.


Is Friday and Esther is meeting Alvin, but is weird, he doesn’t give a damn about she says, at last there are Stelle and Ge’ne, he’s a little full of himself. So, esther doesn’t think it could be a long story between them. Later Imogen shows up, telling Esther things of Wayne and that he likes her. What??!When!!!and the most important question, how that happened??, they never talk to each other, that’s so unbelievable to her that she decides to go and see him, so tired of Alvin and Co., and both girls have gone to the Sylvan. They have been talking about everything that have happened, forgiving each other. 2 hours later the pub was closing, not knowing anything about the interesting guys, starting a conversation with the hot bartender: Ron(very well cut hazel hair, mystery blue eyes, great smile...), who is also very nice. In the other part of the city the rest of the group of girls were hanging out, especially Alvin with Cindy, apparently, flirting with her...


Another weekend with gossips, because Imogen has to say everybody every little thing that happens, so, there they were, while drinking, explaining the details of the last guy Esther got involved with, and how creep he was!(and 5 years older)But that was funny, so much that they didn’t realise the time, and it was kind of late, so they were to the pubs running. Obviously, finished in the same pub with the same guys, with new people. By chance some of the boys were dating 2 girls from the High School: Betty and Molly, who is Ivor’s neighbour. For one reason or another, that was weird, so far and so close though, and meeting everybody. Especially one of them: Alvin, was teasing Esther and they managed to get involved. Also weird, because this guy was not very handsome, but curiously cute, even though he wears glasses, but with green eyes, that saves him... Watching all this, Imogen left madly, ‘cause it seems that Jessy and Maureen were also together. For a moment that was really cool. The most amazing thing with Alvin is that he wanted to meet one day, what a great surprise! Esther finished that night happier than usual.


Today: big party. Of course the plan is the same, Esther has to encourage Maureen and Imogen because they don’t want to go the premises. But they were just the group of girls, gossiping about Friday’s plan ‘cause Esther, Stelle and Ge’ne met, with his boyfriends, and more friends of them. Again, Esther drunk so much that in some way she got involved with Pitch, kind of “this is 1 chance I don’t intend to miss” in the loon, a bit dirty(she’s not like that at all). So, laughing out loud, except Imogen, totally horrifed, like Maureen, oh!come on!is not such a big deal. However, it seems that for them it is a big deal, and they don’t talk to her, soooo dull. Anyway, more to enjoy with the rest of the girls. In the end all of them are very drunk, even Maureen, who’s got involved with the hottest guy of the louts: Jessy. But Esther was already ok, and went away to breath fresh air, with Imogen and Ivor, walking around. In a pub they’ve met Maureen’s sister: Phoebe, and there they have been, talking together with another guys, Esther thought they were all friends, but apparently not ‘til she’s realised one of them was flirting, and they’ve got involved. Afterwards Imogen and Esther got mad, even though Imogen was talking with his friend, didn’t recommend her to be with that guy. –“What???But, what’s going on??!Is not like we’re getting married, dude..”- said Esther, who thinks is worse than her mother, hahahaha


Going to class today, Esther met Hugh, who just begun to tease her because of Saturday, so much make up...drunk...and that stuff. Look who’s talking, fooling around (she never liked that)but it was kind of funny and not mean. In the classroom the students have been changed of place, and Imogen is with Adam, Esther has to sit down next to Duncan, who can’t stop moving, talking, making sounds....anyway, buff!!what a tiring guy. At the end the teacher tell her off a couple of times, her??!!!?, advising her that she’s not very well known in regards to the studies and all that. The thing is, that apart from that day, in the last weeks this is usual, and the teachers decided to change the places because of her –“excuse me??you’re not serious, are you?”- Apparently her look said that she was not kidding at all. The rest of classmates have fun of that. Meanwhile Imogen is passing notes to her making weird faces, but what???! During the break all the time talking about Adam, but Esther is beginning to be kind of tired of that silly story, though Imogen insisted that they’re going to be together pretty soon, and then Wendy show up, she almost catch them! Thanks to God that Esther has begun to talk about another thing. Not knowing how happened but, suddenly they realise that Hugh had said to all the class about Esther’s fashion last Saturday, and asking her to make photos because they didn’t believe that. Jus Amazing. Later while they were having lunch, Esther has asked Stelle what happened on Saturday after the fight, with no answer. Suddenly she saw Rudd getting in the way, so Stelle annoyed, leaves, just like that. Going home, Wendy asks Esther to go together with another classmate, and that afternoon they’re going to meet to get out their chest, eating some snacks, so cool....