Friday, August 19, 2011

25.The Great Weekend (2nd part)

When Esther went out tonight, realised that yesterday Troy missed her, amazing!All the time asking her what happened(while she was in her bedroom thinking about what she did;the punishment that her parents gave to her).When he left, a tiring guy was fliritng with her, but HE came back: goobye annoying-guy! And then Troy told her that he broke up with his girl. She couldn't believe that when suddenly he said he liked another girl: Maureen. That's more unbelievable!She left the bar freaking out because when she said that to Maureen, she was veeery happy, 'cause she likes Troy too.
Outside were Stelle and Heather with his boyfriend, who she told everything to. A face like Esther's. What's going on???Ok, 1st answer: "get involved with a guy"Is it an answer for everything??And then Rossie showed up with his boyfriend and his classmates, and they mess her, even more, with a friend, are they kidding her??Is it than easy?Well, suposely IT is. Esther began to talk with Ian: a blonde sweet boy, who, besides, ask her to date together, so kind! Irresistible. She wasn't sure what she was doing, but, who cares?ANd it was true, all that, kissing a guy just out of spite. Maybe that was not the right answer for her, but with this silly thing, they've met for Sunday, so let's see what happen.