Thursday, September 1, 2011

26. The Great Weekend (3rd part)

Sunday- The girls have met at midday to talk about all that happened last days and very happy because they all have boyfriend. Esther has had a conversation with Maureen deeply, who has told her that nothing happened between Troy and her, and if Esther likes him a lot she doesn't give a damn about him. Ohh!!That's so good to hear to Esther, she just realizes how great fiend is Maureen. Rossie was very enthusiastic because Esther is dating Ian, and while they were going to the place the've met, there were just Rossie's boyfriend and Horace, who tells Esther that Ian is not going and that he breaks up with her. What?Hahahaha, that was a joke??Because of her reaction, freaking out, he tries to cheer her up, saying to her that he doesn't understand the reason with beautiful words from his part "you're so pretty, and cute..."bla bla bla, but this was the best part: "if you want we can make him be jealous"For Esther that was the last thing to hear, he makes a plan up. Rossie knows where he is..... "Excuse me??-asked Esther (how did Rossie know that??)it's so surrealistic!Anyway, everybody to the pool-hall! After thrashing Ian, Esther celebrates it kissing Horace(she didn't even know how good she was at this game)and in that moment a blonde girl comes in, who goes towards Ian and kissed him..., her girlfriend???But, what the hell???!!! When her friends showed up Esther left the place quickly, and very embarrased. Although Esther didn't want to know anymore about guys, of course, she met Troy, who, by the way, tells her he likes her too. That REALLY was the last thing for that weekend, what a F****** bastard!But that was not the end, later his ex-girlfriend, again in the bar, and Esther could see he wanted to make it up. Amazing!What a mickey! At least, Esther went home proud and happy of everything that she did that long weekend