Friday, June 19, 2015


“ Don't ask me why, but in my way to class from the break, Ralph took my agenda, where was all full of the notes between Imogen and me, and he knows about Adam, so...talking to Wendy about it. What a terrible moment, "don't you have life Ralph?? Live me alone!" Thank God I said it was before, because now I like my boyfriend. However, Wendy didn't believe me, why not? It's true! Adam almost read everything. What a big talking to the class, and Imogen didn't care, all the time laughing, and it was all her fault. I met tonight with wendy, who wants to meet Glen, taking advantage we've been talking about the morning thing, god!she's a bit tiring! So, you still like Adam?-asks Wendy Nooo, I don't -( I answered a bit doubtfully) I don't believe you-says Wendy Come on! Don't be tiring Wen, he's cute, but nothing else, and it's just impossible - Esther why impossible? - Wendy Because she also has a girlfriend, and he could have tried something, but didn't do it,'cause he doesn't like me. So the best is to forget everything - Esther when I've been later with Glen, it's been better, who's brought more friends, and Wendy really likes him for me, but I think she's still with the Adam thing, that's past. Of course, Imogen's been rude, and I've had to calm her down, -but what the hell is wrong?? Try to have fun girl... She's even scared Glen. Tonight he's driven me home, so sweet! I really need this right now”


What seemed a quiet night, later was a madness. Esther met Glen, who got late and she thought he was not coming, a bit weird because the last time was great and they even met during the week. Anyway, after they all were together, they met the other girls, who didn't know Glen. They were very happy wit new Esther's boy, the one missing was Ge'ne, apparently she doesn't go out with them anymore, that story's still messy ( obviously). But with the silly thing, hey! Joss was talking a lot to Cindy, and Stelle got glad with Martin. Maureen got annoyed and left, Esther couldn't understand why, 'cause she made clear that she didn't wanna be with any of the boys. However that moment was cool for Esther, like in the old times. The worst part is that the louts showed up, of course Franky was also there, really really mad, so he punched Martin and the rest of them. What a bad plan, so Esther said to stelle that she didn't want to see her anymore, it was always something wrong because of her. After that Esther didn't feel so good for arguing with her, but it was true! The consequences of all this, was the weird behaviour from Glen all night long, who didn't drive Esther home, that was not her fault...


Today's class, has been the most embarrasing of Esther's life. Sometimes she and Imogen are passing notes to tell each other things, and of course, Esther had a lot of details about Glen. In one of their passes, Ralph took one of the notes and tell everyone, writing it down on the board after the break, that Esther had a boyfriend. That's enough!!! For Esther that was not funny at all. In the lunch Ge'ne showed up really mad, hitting Stelle. Amazing!! apparently she and Aidan have been sleeping together and Ge'ne found out. What a big fight!! Afterwards, Stelle was really upset, even though she could have been even more, a big show in front of everybody. Later at class Esther's been informing to her colleagues, because they didn't know what was all that about. Going home, she met Hugh, teasing her, and he even almost threw her to a bush! But she felt good, because he's joking in the cool way. In their way, he met another colleague, who by the way, lived near Esther, so both of them finished the walking, and the truth is that he was REALLY HOT.


After all, Esther's friends cheer her up, even though they were not all of them, 'cause now just the half go out together. These are: Maureen, Imogen, and Esther, joining sometimes Wendy, Ivy and Henrietta, like today, that they were all of them. Although Esther said that she is not in the mood to go out, at the end, she changed her mind, and they've done the same stuff, why to change? At the end of that night Esther met Glen, a very nice boy, because one of his friends liked Maureen, and they all finished the night together. Imogen didn't like the last bar, arjj!! what a pain in the ass!! and she began to yell. Just in that moment the other girls showed up, and she keesp on complaining, whatever... Esther didn't care at all and left with Glen and company, who were really nice. After this flirting plan from the boys, both of them got involved. That really cheered Esther up. It was a long time that she didn't feel so good and sexy for a boy, so that was great, so lovely....


Last week it's been quite depressing for Esther, she can't bear Imogen, who gets mad for any silly thing and it seems that she can't talk to Adam or Rodd, it should be cool that they're getting better in their relation with them, but for Imogen it's annoying and sometimes she acts like if she was jealous and bothered about that, making weird scenes, humilliating Esther in front of the class, and that for her is crossing the line. While she was having lunch with the girls, Stelle tell her that she understands the situation and cheer her up to try with Jay or Adam, but actually she is kind of tired with the guys thing, if something has to happen, they'll see it. When Esther is home, just because they were nobody else there, she decided to make a séance and everything turned so black, that she got really sad and blue, that suddenly she went to her mother's medicines, and took lots of pills to kill herself. The next morning Esther couldn't wake up and her mother went to hospital with her. After all the tests and analitics the doctors didn't see anything weird. In the end she confess everything to her mum, who supports her, saying that life is very hard. Imogen, worried, because Esther didn't go to High School, phoned her, and told her off, for such a stupid idea and begged her no to do it again, because she loved her and needed her in this mad world, that was the first time somebody tell Esther that loves her, so she felt surprisingly flattered and stupid.


Tonight it's been just Esther and Maureen partying, who is a bit boring, by the way. They have been talking to the louts, about leaving the group, at the end even Esther was boring ;-) Thank God that later the night got better. Ralph introduced her his new girlfriend, and after that she talked to Troy, who was a bit weird and flirting with Maureen, these nowadays guys... Almost at the end of that night they met the louts, but not all, just the nicest ones. Jessee was all the time talking and flirting with Esther, so shocking for her! Another one she was having fun with, was Alvin. But later suddenly Imogen showed up, mad because they didn't phone her, and really rude with the louts. Oh! Come on!! she's so tiring, the girls felt very embarrased for that moment, and actually she's been behaving like this lately, with no reason. All the girls think that she should have some sickness problem, she's not normal.


Today there weren't all the assingments, Imogen hasn't come, so Esther's gone with Stelle for a walk, who's been thinking to make a sèance. Apparently things are going quite bad with his boyfriend and she was sad. They've gone to a school a bit far away and there they've been enjoying that time, even though it's a bit shivering, because they were, both alone, in the dark, with sudden movements of trees around and even the bin fell down. During the sèance very weird things there were showed, but they'll see if it's true or not. The most strange thing of all, and real, is that Aidan phoned her and met together, until that moment Esther didn't realise how close they were. What has been even more surprising is that they were going to the premises to drink alcohol and smoke joints, but Esther was not in that mood,so she left “seriously??? At 6 pm on Tuesday???” Walking home she's met Wendy, who was with another girl, enjoying her day off, and told her gossips about Imogen, that Esther didn't know at all. Maybe that's the reason she's so unloving. Esther writes down this in her diary: she feels lucky for having friends, and Imogen is very trustful, but sometimes she has doubts of her and the rest of her friends, how to know if they're good friends? Of course, they have lots of fun, but there are other things apart from that, like, for example these gossips, somebody is saying at school that she's lesbian, is is true??? It could be so weird, why is not saying it? And people call her froggy-face, but even from childhood. That's quite funny to Esther, and it shouldn't, but she does, and doesn't feel like they're that close anymore. It's ironic, because she also lived horrible things in her childhood, teasings, jokes, and so on, but that's back, maybe she could ask her things, but probably, that's something you never say to anyone, it's really embarrasing.


Well, Esther is now getting on better with Adam, they've been laughing at class, and it seems that Imogen doesn't like this at all. Esther doesn't have the fault that now Adam is sitting next to her. Besides, in the break Imogen wanted to follow them, and at that moment that was really awkward and stupid to Esther. And she got mad, bufff. Later she wanted to go to “The Sylvan” and her mother caught them, sooner or later this was going to happen, as she works near that bar... The night's been weird, first of all Maureen introduced to Esther, one guy from her town, 'cause they're visiting them and hanging out together. Secondly, Esther met Ralph, Troy's friend, who's been talking for a while, explaining her all that had happened with the group, and by the way he's not going out with them anymore, but with other guys who Esther met in that moment. One of them was kind of nice to her and they were flirting all the time. But suddenly the girls showed up, telling her to change the place, not even asking what she wanted to do, what resulted in a worse night and Esther a bit mad, of course, she wanted to be with that boy. Here is the question, is always this decision: if you have to choose between being with your friends or being with a boy, who could turn into something cool, what would you do? Obviously, Esther doesn't want to lose her friends, but she also wanst to have fun with a boy..

Monday, June 15, 2015


Today, at class Adam was teasing Esther incessantly, so she got mad at him, even Rud was on her part, that was weird though, he speaking to her and being kind, more than Imogen. Thanks to God that the rest of the class are also nice. Rud's said that Adam has not a girlfriend, another joke... And with all kind of silly conversations, Esther has been telling off again. This is so not fair, always it's me, this geography teacher has something against her, so that's when Esther replied to her in an angry voice and very seriously, that it was not her fault and the only one talking. All the classrooms were quiet. After all that they were cheering her up. “Yeah, they seem to be friends, but they never get involved when they know it's all about them”. She played truants with Wendy and went home. So, there they were, again, eating snacks, playing cards, talking, smoking...That's a real friend. Later Imogen showed up, messing Esther to go with her somewhere else, besides after that she had to go back home alone. And no thanks or anything, why is she like that? Lately Esther is sillier than usually, she wishes Imogen could be more like Wendy, more normal...