Thursday, December 25, 2014


All the girls have met to go out, and this didn't happen for a long time: 8 girls and Ivor, who, by the way, confessed them that he likes Molly, and it was supposed to be Stelle the one he liked. Anyway, the thing is that even though Esther didn't feel a lot of kindness for him, they've spent all this night together. She've found out that Cindy is not with Alvin any more, whome Esther totally has forgotten, because this is the night she's going to meet Jay, sooo gorgeous. So, while Esther was thinking it was a cool night, just in that moment they've met the louts, and even Elmer was all the time annoying her, such a nightmare! But the most shocking was when they all saw Maureen and Alvin getting involved. Afterwards there have been separations and Esther left with Ivor, who didn't want to see Molly with Isaac, so both of them, getting out their chest. When it was late, and Esther was going home, she met Maureen, who was apologising continuously, that she accepted, but actually that was kind of false from her part because she's criticizing all the time about the louts and everybody's behaviour, as if she was a saint, and later she does the same damn stuff, so...what's the point?


Esther doesn't like gyms, but today was the exception, she had the resit and....passed it, yeahhhh!!!!! She was so happy that has been talking a lot to Adam, and such a lot of confidence, that he told her he's dating someone, what a blow! Nor Wendy neither Imogen believed that. -“Tonight a celebration!”- exclaimed Wendy, and the girls were really keen on that plan. They've started well, but got lost, Esther with Ivy and Henrietta......sooo.....boring....., well it'd be better to say, that THEY'RE boring. But she's met people that introduces her other ones. The best of the night: she met Adam!!! talking for a while and he told her that he'd seen the other lost couple, and asking him where. 30 minutes later they've finally found each other, thank goodness. And the first thing they say to her: “Adam likes you”. Really???? what a little liars, but how nice from their part, or it could be true?


Lately Esther is having real fun at class, maybe too much, she talks to a lot of classmates, which is not that usual, compare to last year and primary school, where she couldn't have any kind of conversation but with 3 people, more or less. Today she's been joking with Hugh and Ralph, joining, of course, later Adam, unexplainable! They didn't realise how mad was the teacher 'til she expelled Esther, telling her she was on the wrong way to go the university, and that her mother was going to know about all that, not good news...”why is such a big deal?” During the break Hugh and his friend Teddy tried to cheer her up, and went together to the park to smoke. In their way back to school, to Head Teacher's room, the first time that Esther has to go there. What a big telling off from her mother, again..., this time with her sisters, and they have been also complaining “what the hell??? This is not of your business!”-thinks Esther. The next Friday she could go out at night, so everything forgotten, that's what really brings her life. As usual, she's been drinking a lot, in addition there was a party in the louts' premises, and Esther got involved with most of them. However that was not such a fun time to her.


This last week has been awkward, evrybod explaining things to Esther, Stelle was disgusted for everything that happened with Franky (Esther still doesn't understand why they are together), what's more, her father found a condom in the premises, so he's forbidden her to use that place, so, the girls have to search another place to drink. At class the teacher has told her off, just like that, and finally she changed Esther of desk, at the end of the classroom. That was so unfair, it was Rud and Hugh's fault, all the time fooling around, joining Adam later, who was in the other side. Of course, all that is on her marks and folders. She went back home with Wendy, complaining about all those things, and she tries to calm Esther down, for a while, this means eating as most as possible, “ you feel so good afterwards” (chocolate doughnuts, snacks, sweets,...). When she felt better, she went home. She had an amazing dream that night: romantic and funny moments with Adam, which finished weirdly though, he had a green face!