Tuesday, August 3, 2010

9. Expecting the weekend

It’s Friday! Esther is dying to go out tonight and getting of her chest with her friends.
So, she begin very good the day, playing truant with Susan, they smoke joints and this kind of things, that Susan show her as a part of the life she’d never seen before, and when Esther got home their parents thought she had been smoking, but thanks to God she used a trick and they didn’t caught her.
After confirmation, where Esther is beginning to be very tired of the nun, they’re going to the pubs. It was a long time that all the group were together, later they meet Esther’s classmates: Hank, J.M.,Rufus, who was a little drunk, something unusual for him, but he confesses her that he likes Becky. Afterwards they meet Jeff’s group, and Roy who was too much nice, it seemed he wanted to be with Esther again. At the end of the night they meet : Wendy, Ivy and Henrietta, who were going home, so Esther went with them quickly. She doesn’t want more punishments, so she gotta learn to be ok with her family, as her lead aim.