Monday, August 19, 2013

47. Funny times at HIgh School

It seems that Esther is having more fun in this course's class, than hanging out with her friends, and see what could happen 'cause she's all the time staring at Adam, but she gets embarrased with the thing that he's Rud's friend, although they look at the girls too. Today, for example, at drawing class, Hank sit down near Esther and hasn't stopped doing silly things, asking for her all the time a pencil, a paper,....Behind them were Rud, Adam and Alvin, on the front was Hugh, who has been all the time taking Esther's tools, also Alvin asking her(setting constantly his finger on her back) . Imogen doesn't understand anything, and Rud was laughing with Adam, but that's no point to be rude with him. In the end, Esther has been telling off, just amazing to her, why her??? Thanks to God the bell rings, because they could have been thrown out. Imogen says to Esther to go to he park to talk about that weird situation, and they have met Maisie and Wendy, also playing truants, it's such a good weather! They have done a lot of stuff: talking, smoking, even attending a sèance, playing cards. They have been teasing Imogen a little, because sometimes is so easy..., but Esther has noticed that she's realised all that jokes, saying madly to Esther to go with her to her house, finally they've cleared things out.