Saturday, February 18, 2012

30. Changing things

It seems to be true, it's time for change. At these moments Esther spends more time with Susan, some of the schoolmates tease her, `cause she's a heavy weirdo, but Esther doesn't give a damn, at least she has good times with her. Not like the trio, always arguing. Lately, Alvin talks to Esther. Today they've had an exam, and he was copying out Esther's paper, following him Hank and Rud, almost caught!Because of Hanks's fault, he's terrible. When they have finished they've begin to talk about the move.
After confirmation Esther has met with Susan, ´cause she invited her to a party, so all the group to a...................................heavy party!But that wasn't for the dancer girls . Ge'ne wanted to cheer up, supposely she split up with Allan, that's what Stelle has said to Esther, and that probably the boys should have met another girls. After some minutes not knowing what to do there, they left that place, and Susan flirting with a guy.
Walking forward their favourite bars, SURPRISE. Edmund and Allan with another girls flirting. Unbelievable but true!!!Due to Ge'ne's face they were still together, Troy was there to cheer her up, who was alone and drove her home, what a weird gentleman. Stelle and Esther were freaking out, carrying on the night, they met Heather, who apologized for everything, blaming the alcohol, saying she needs help to change, that's obvius.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

29. When you least expect it

Today there's a school outing, in our class.Let's see how it is, although Esther doesn't like a lot this kind of things. Becky doesn't talk to her, she's still mad and goes with Rufus and Aaron, just amazing!'cause they slagg her off constantly. For another hand Hank is with J.M., of course, these days he's been distant. Anyway, going to the background of the bus, Esther has found an empty place next to Henrietta, in the end, this has been the best decision, they've had a fun time with Wendy and Maisie, when you least expect it! So,looking forward to that museum.........................., and they've already arrived.
Of course, Rud has had his joking moment, but it wasn't than cruel than another times, while there she's been talking with his friends, who there are a jokers too, especially Hugh. However, with Alvin, Esther was kind of edgy, all the time behind her, besides she's been told off because of his fault, and they've been thrown out of the library. And there they have been, talking about everything, some things have been cleared up, but she was a bit confusing. What was he meant?Rud likes Esther?NO WAY .
Going back home, gossiping with the girls, Susan has fitted in with them. Esther was very surprised with all these things happening, is this the time to change?Maybe at the beginning, you choose the wrong people to be your friend, or classmate.. And what about Rud's thing?she was disagree with Alvin, if a boy likes a girl, he tries to flirt in some variety of ways, but annoying her??teasing her???that's not the right way for her, even though, she just doesn't want to think about that. Is so nasty...