Wednesday, January 22, 2014

52. The fight

Today there’s a different plan, -“they could have said it before!”-, besides it turns out to be with ‘the louts’, they’ve had to put up with them all night long, and even they were thrown out of a bar, because of the guys’ fault, they were nicking and asking for money to Esther, and Elmer was bothering her. Anyway, disturbing as always as usual. Afterwards they’ve met in a bar with ‘the group’.While they were talking, Ozzie showed up and asked who dated who, and Troy said joking, with Stelle. Of course Franky got mad, and hit him. What a big fight!!!!Stelle angrily grabbed Franky and left together. There were arguments and separations, Maureen and Esther stayed with Troy and Co. explaining the other girls the situation. After all that mess, Esther met Hugh and Alvin, from High School, who were too much nice, maybe drunk,hahaha....Oh!!and she ‘d met Adam tooooooo, that cheer her up a lot. At last Maureen met him, she finished that crazy night so happy,that she forgot what happened before.


Today at lunch, Imogen didn’t stop talking about Adam, who caught Esther looking at him, by the way, Stelle almost found out, she got a bit confused after that. She was very keen to go out tonight. So, let’s satisfy her, though Esther told her that she doesn’t like going with “the louts”, but unfortunately she was disagree with her opinion and went off mad.. There was a party in Stelle’s premises, as always as usual, with the same drinks and that stuff. Esther is beginning to annoy that scene, later she does unconscious things, that they remember her, including Ivor, all the time laughing. Stelle decided to play the ‘kiss, true, consequence game’. So, Esther spent that time smooching Ivor, so awful!!!The girls even wanted her to kiss him more, but what the hell????They got it, Esther was totally mad, who besides found a condom in the toilet, argg!It was Stelle’s, saying it shyly. Imogen told her off, and that finished in a mess. When the group of girls were leaving the place Franky and Aidan were waiting outside, so the ones who didn’t have boyfriend, went to another part.

50. The day after the Betrayal

Well, someday had Maisie to show up at High School. The whole class was amazed because of what happened last weekend, how not!It wasn’t Imogen there, so, telling her with all the details. When Wendy arrived, on Wednesday, went forward Maisie, while she was apologizing and got away running, hahahaha, just the way she is. But Wendy felt really angry and nervous, so there, they were Esther and Co. calming her down. At Gym class somehow Esther has been talking with Adam, even though he was joking all the time, however Esther didn’t mind, and enjoyed that moment ‘til silly Rud got in the way, and Imogen later, who wanted the 2 girls to play basketball against the 2 boys. What??!Esther doesn’t like it at all!Anyway, anything to see Adam. And there she was, seemingly running and playing the game, at least she scored 1, what a face the guys had..... Esther went back home with Wendy, still disgusted, but she tried to cheer her up, saying that she could trust her for anything. They’ve had a lot of honest conversations, discussing several subjects of their personalities and that stuff. There’s no doubt that this was really cool, ‘cause Esther prejudged her for being popular, but they could have been good friends. This is the beginning of a serious friendhip.

49. The Betrayal

Today there are events in the neighborhood. Wendy wanted to meet Esther, she didn’t want to reject that plan, but told her friends to go there, who unfortunately, didn’t go, and had to stay with Wen, Mai and Ivy. It was not as bad as Esther thought, ‘cause actually she doesn’t really like that kind od stuff. But they were at some funfairs, and had a couple of drinks. Despite that Esther got boring, saying that she was leaving, however the other girls insisted her to go to the city center, where they met Esther’s group, of course, with the lout guys. They’re so assholes, but Esther didn’t care, she was so drunk in that moment, so much..., that suddenly a gipsy fat guy : Elmer, began to flirt with her and they got involved!, just like that. Then Maureen, freacking out, adviced Esther to leave. When they were going to The Hunderts they saw Ivy and Co. talking with some weird girls, who begun to tear each other’s hair out, hitting them and fighting, that was so shocking that Esther forgot she was drunk, and hear those gypsies telling the girls, that was from Maisie’s and not to tease her anymore. Afterwards tey tried to chear them up. Wendy said that some of them stole her, she had lots of money, because of her birthday, That was amazing!!!it was her birthday????she didn’t know anything!!!They went back home. Esther wrote in her diary that she’s grateful for the good friends she has, after all,...