Thursday, June 9, 2011

23. Controlling feelings

Esher feels that these times are calmer, thank God!And the less she can stand right now is that Hank is taking liberties, as happened when they were together and she's having got it in for him. With becky is better, but is a fact that she's a weird girl, she was looking in a strange way to Stelle because she's crazy for Edmund. Rud, as usual, tease at her, and she doesn't even care!she didn't notice anything at all!!hahaha, she's in cloud number 9.
Going back home, in the bus, Hanks wanted to sit down near Esther, but she rejected it and went with Susan(what a face he had ).
Tonight they met with the new group, wich they call: ´The Guys´. All together,this means: all the couples, of course,and besides Troy's girlfriend showed up, what a F****** surprise. So much that Esther got drunk, .....
Later, she met, at last, Ricky, everybody wanted her to be with him, so well, in the end, talking and talking...they get involved. It was ok!!