Friday, September 17, 2010

10. That’s what we call guys

Today at class, Esther sat down with Hank, and it was very fun, he told her that lately he argues a lot with his girlfriend, and that he has doubts, because besides he likes another girl.What is this?He’s got a nerve!While the girls where having lunch talking about this, Esther’s friends were amazed, even Aaron and Rufus who were there gossiping, by the way, during this conversation Aaron and Becky were getting annoyed, how tiring!
After all the classes, the girls saw Maisie with his new boyfriend, who is older, in his car, also Heather was there who came to High School to pick Esther up.
The plan: to Bowling place!Stelle was there too, and later came the rest of the guy’s friends.
Heather took advantage to tell Esther that Roy whas repented of this behaviour, whereas they were flirting with that pimp guys, who she doesn’t like at all, so pervert..., and when she wanted to go, they didn’t leave her. By chance, Roy and his friends showed up, who she began to talk with, due to the situation he insisted to ride her home, even she was very flattered, thinking to give him another opportunity, but when she was home, obviously he wanted more things to thank him for everything. Esther didn’t expect anything of this!another pervert!And touching her up all the time. She was so embarrashed!he wanted sex!is it possible?, she was thinkin:”I’m just ..15”..
She went home very dissapointed with guys.