Tuesday, June 19, 2012

32. Party of relief

What an amazing day today. Becky got it off her chest with Esther saying that she`s not with Austin anymore. The people there, were agree with her,and so mad, even with Aaron and Rufus, because they didn't understand her. All of them arguing again, blaming each other. Esther was weirdly observing that unusual situation. Conclusion: Becky wanted to go out, so tonight...a great party. She was so excited that invited everybody at school, there'll be a party in the Disco. And they had fun, though Becky went back home soon. Later there had been a scene, obviously Maisie's, who was flirting with Heather's cousin(you know, a sexual scene), for another hand Heather got involved with his friend, and surprise!they were friends of Troy's exgirlfriend, who, by the way, was looking at Esther in a strange way. Ge'ne and Stelle were let down, Rossie showed up with Chuck, it's kind of shocking that they began to date, anyway, she informed the girls that Cindy and Ralph are giving a try, after all..... Apart from all this, Esther had a lot of fun with Wendy, she never thought this popular girl was so nice.

31. Nothing but bundles

Despite the weird night that they had yesterday, the girls have gone out tonight, Saturday of course!And what a whole night. Just at the beginning there were some arguments, and the breakdowns, and more things, for example, Rossie and Jeff splitted up definitely. Cindy didn't know anything about Heather's thing, someone puts it foot in it, and what Esther has heard...Apparently Ge'ne and Troy got involved. So, what a mess, drinking and drinking a lot. All the girls were there arguing very annoyed. Arriving to the first bar, a telling-off with the porter, he didin't allow them to go into, until one guy they met, help them. Inside the bar, of course, the famous guys. it was even funny, while Esther was talking with Troy, Cindy and Ralph arguing, Rossie and Chuck flirting. The rest of the girls were still annoyed and when all of them left the bar, Troy told Esther not to go, and he was so kind..., and so sweet....that they got involved!!!!!!!!!!!! But that happiness didn't last long time, 'cause Stelle told her later that Ge'ne and Heather were mad saying that she was a bitch."Excuse me???????Look who's talking!!!" Then, Esther saw that Ralph didn't want to be with Heather, calling her everything but pretty, you could see how painful was for her. So, that was the scene, including Rossie and Chuck together, everything very surrealist. In those moments the most important to Esther was Troy's chirdry, driving Stelle and her home.