Monday, December 12, 2016


This week’s been quiet. At school Esther is spending more time with Nadja, for another hand she gives Imogen the cold shoulder, but it was not maliciously. She apologized because she actually understood her, that was rude from her side. In one assignment the teacher didn’t show up, and Esther mixed a bit more with Beryl and Alexandra, really nice girls, they had a really good time until Wendy and Jessica showed up. So the 5 of them all together chatting. They even go home with Beryl, who it’s also in her way home. But the worst of the day was coming at the end. When Derek phoned Esther to break up, by phone!! What a cheek!! And besides, she run into him while partying later, she didn’t look at his face at all. She also met Becky and of course, being a pain continuously, sooo tiring! And not enough with this, she also saw “the lout guys”, telling her that Elmer was going to get married, that was really unbelievable, but she didn’t give a damn. Suddenly the girls met Luke and Co., so they began to follow them, which was so fricking obvious, the boys looked fed up and is understandable. So, all these things, is what Esther writes down in her diary, trying to assimilate them. Sometimes everything happen so fast that you don’t have time to analyse why, how and more questions of doubts and reasons, and stuff like that. Esther is beginning to realize that she can’t control so many things, and is so frustrating…


OK, the thing is that the relation with Derek is quite cold, ‘because sometimes they phone each other, but not as much as Esther would like to. And last weekend they didn’t see each other. Besides, Esther right now is busy with the confirmation meetings, they all are going to finish pretty soon and this Friday there’s a dinner with everybody. It’s been fun, even though she didn’t know everybody, at least Maureen was there. The following day (Saturday) as a miracle of God, Derek phones Esther and meet for that afternoon. He confesses her everything she’d been told, but she didn’t expect him to be taking drugs. However she really likes him and wants to go for that relation. The bad news is his ex wants to be back with him again. “What??? Again some girl in my way?? Seriously??? It must be a joke!!” this seems like the damn same old story for Esther, really sad and frustrated, wondering why she has this bad luck, is it her destiny?? She talks about this with Maureen, who advices her to break up. But Esther doesn’t want to, she worths more than the other girl and she knows it. The other news is that Maureen is also thinking to split up with his boyfriend, as far as she’s in love with Luke, a bit silly decision, taking into account that he doesn’t even know she exists.


Esther’s class is a mess. At the first assignment class she’s been talking to Nadja, a nice Russian girl, they get on well a lot. But in the following subject class their seats have been changed. This time she was at the end of the classroom, near the lockers, with Wendy, that was great, but opposite them were J.M. and Herbert, who didn’t stop asking them for things, fooling around and joking. After the break Imogen has gone to the class and of course in a different place from before. She’s been fooling with the guys behind, who were Alan and his friend; she definitely likes this gorgeous blonde guy with blue eyes, who doesn’t? Anyway, the thing is that the teacher has told her off, and at the third time she moved her to the end of the classroom, looking at the wall. It’s been fun, as she was a 5 years old girl. Afterwards, Esther has met with Becky and Lester, gossiping about Derek. Becky’s told her amazing things, like he already has a girlfriend, or that he likes drugs…”what??, unbelievable!”


When Imogen arrived to class and saw Alan, she totally fell in love, is not smart or anything the girl… ;-) The amazing thing is that she’s not in the same class as Esther, but she doesn’t care. Esther has even told her that she doesn’t want to play truants this course, because she’s focus on passing everything, and Imogen laughed at her. Besides, today at History class, the teacher has told her to leave, what an embarrassing moment! ‘Cause Imogen didn't want to leave, explaining that it’s her right to be there. Esther is beginning to think that she’s not going to meet anyone else. Lately she feels tied down, what a summer she’s had! So, saying all this to Wendy: 1st, Esther went to private tuitions to pass the subjects she failed last course, and there was Imogen, just like that! All the time talking, the teacher got on her nerves. 2nd, every time they were going out Imogen scared all the boys. 3rd, they met one Saturday Maureen’s boyfriend’s friends, especially one friend: Peter. He was good looking and both of them liked him, and when he had to pick one, chose Esther, and Imogen got mad for 3 weeks, so finally the couple couldn’t date anymore because he didn’t want to be in the middle. But before all this, Imogen used to leave impolite messages in her house’s answering machine, and obviously her family was freaking out. In the end with the excuse that he was going on holidays, they split up. Wendy was staggered with all this amazing information.


This summer it’s been cool. Maureen has a crush with Luke and the girls have been almost all weekends following him and his friends, she is so shy that she doesn’t even ask him or anything. This entire story is a bit tiring for Esther, all the time doing the same and at the end nothing happens, what a prospect! So, one Saturday Esther and Imogen got lost, not knowing where the hell they were ´til they run into Becky and his boyfriend Lester, they both were with another boy whom Esther already knew when they were child, they used to go to the mountain with their families, especially the fathers, who were friends. His name was Derek. They became very happy of that moment and began to chat a lot, even they got involved, something quite difficult because Imogen was in their way, and beginning to be annoying. So, after some couple of pubs they got lost on purpose. At the end of the night they finally meet Ivy and Maureen, who don’t like Derek. They are a bit critical lately. But nooo, do not criticize the stupid behaviour of Maureen, following some guy during 2 months without doing anything to make him see that she likes him, and not letting them help her…

Thursday, September 8, 2016

80. HERE COMES THE SUMMER Today there are the feasts in the neighbourhood. The girls went before to the swimming-pool. It’s obvious that Imogen doesn’t have sense of humour, but Esther had a great time with Maureen and Phoebe, and later joined Wendy and Ivy. They met Hugh, and Adam…Oops! At that moment Esther wanted the earth to swallow her, but it seemed that Adam wasn’t weird about what happened last Saturday, though she was having more fun with her friends. After the gossips for a while, and having lunch they met for that night. They don’t care about the funfairs, so better to dance, where Esther met more people, but maybe this wasn’t good, ‘cause she got lost, but at the same time she meets a very nice boy: Gilles, who’s been with all night long. Suddenly Imogen shows up with another boy. Besides Gilles is from High School, and they all run into Rodd, who can’t stop laughing, what’s so funny??? Almost at the end of the night, finally all of them meet together and introduce them Gilles’ friends. Maureen is quite mad and decides to go home with Ivy, who is also pretty mad because she spent most of the night lost and alone, telling Esther that she was meanwhile with that boy, ‘cause that’s all she cares about, stupid guys who just want to kiss her and more, not caring of her friends. Esther answered quite surprised because she got lost too!!!! Apart from these things Gilles drove Esther home, sooo nice. A good way to begin this busy summer, she’s grounded to study and pass the course, if not she has to repeat.
79. HUMILIATING 17th birthday!!! So cool!!! Esther wants to make a big celebration, even though she hadn’t passed half of her assignments. So, she first went to The Sylvan with Imogen, that was fun, they saw everybody and the hot waiter invited them to some shots. Later they met the other girls, a bit dull. The bad side is that Esther met Glen, they didn’t argue a lot but when she saw his new girl, thought that was for the best, such an ugly girl!!! Maybe Esther drunk too much that night, however, that was enough ‘cause then like that if she was going to meet Adam she could be more dare. And it happened!!! So… she took advantage and pounced on him to kiss his lips, but he rejected her, saying that she scares him and that it wasn’t going to finish good, because they’re very different. Esther didn’t expect this kind of reaction, she felt embarrassed, humiliated, sad and way too drunk to cry. During all this moment a boy was trying to cheer her up, asking her why she was crying, and that way she began to take everything out, and with all that mix they ended up kissing. Her friends were freaking out and Glen!! Who saw everything. At the end not all the boys reject her.
78. UNLUCKY Too much weird thing with Glen wasn’t good. The other day he phoned Esther to tell her that a girl he liked before wanted to date him, “fuck off!!!!” Imogen says that is the best, but obviously for Esther not, she can’t stop thinking of him. For another hand Adam has a silly behaviour. While she was talking about this with Wendy the teacher got mad and throw them off the class, and everybody laughing because of Esther’s embarrassing blush. After all this Esther thought that Imogen said something to Adam that she shouldn’t. And again at the end it was all a joke, so again she almost blundered. That night Esther got really drunk and the worst is that she met Adam and he was as always as usual. What the hell?? That was so confusing, he apparently said to Imogen that he wanted to date her, so??? Later they met Jay’s group and just like that, suddenly Imogen got involved with one of his friends George. However Esther had another rejection from Jay. Ohhh!!! What a weird and disappointing night! At least she had fun with Ivor and met a lot of people. The bad side is that when she was going home, realises she had lost the purse and they keys, so she went back to the pubs and Matthew helped her. That was so nice from his part! Though they couldn’t find anything. Esther was praying not to have a very big telling off from her family, she just hates the yellings, fights and all that at home.
77. BRING TO LIGHT Imogen is mad at Esther because she doesn’t give a damn of her, she’s into Glen’s clutches. Well,… come on!!! That’s not very tolerant. The more Esther knows Imogen the less she likes her. When they went back to class after the break, apparently Adam knows about Esther’s crush on him because some classmates told him and Wendy confirmed it. So that’s why Adam today didn’t talk to her at all, and at the end of one class he suddenly hit her as a joke. That was kind of weird and she didn’t know what to say or do. That’s how the conversation finished with this subject, thanks to Wendy who confessed. If it wasn’t because of Esther’s new boyfriend she’d probably be freaking out, but that was not the case. Even though it’s been 2 days that Glen doesn’t phone her to go out, so this weekend Esther is kind of mad. Tonight Is even boring for her, like her friends… But the night gets better when they meet Rossie who joins them. She’s been introducing to Esther lots of people, so awesome!! Because she loves meeting new people, especially boys. And then she realizes how much she regrets how things ended with some of the group of girls. She also meets Jay, an amazing gorgeous guy, but not very talkative, and decide to talk to their friends, whether was going to be any chance to be together, and the answer was : NOT. Anyway, she “supposedly” has a aboyfriend…
76. GOSSIPS A full day of arguments. After class Esther’s been joking with Adam. Now they’re together very often. Why it will be? ( but she actually knows the reason). During the break, Betty has had a fight with a girl because she’d been with Ozzie, thanks Godness Esther doesn’t go out with them anymore. In the way of all of this was Stelle, ‘cause they’re now very good friends. It seems at the end the group’s been dividing. That’s what she has been explaining to the class and then later Ge’ne’s got mad at Esther telling her off. “- Seriously??? Ge’ne and her silly things” When Esther was having a rest from all the mess, not knowing why suddenly it’s been another fight between 2 guys of the class, one of them is friends with Maisie, it does not sound good… After all this Glen’s called Esther and they’ve met for that afternoon. At least Imogen apologized, by her way of course, for the last weekend behaviour. Going home with Wendy, they enjoyed gossiping about all and this means the strange good relation with Adam, wondering why, the sudden separations in the girls group, how everything can change in the twinkle of an eye and maybe even for worse. But at least it was not her business; she prefers to focus on her new love relation which gives her hope to believe that life can be more and better than she thinks, and not to see things in black.