Thursday, October 3, 2013

48. The welcoming dinner

Dinner’s classroom was not celebrated yet, but tonight is the night. To Esther, actually, is really good that Imogen is at her class, because the rest of the classmates are a bit posh, and always thinking to be popular, that’s so stupid for her.Even there are some poshy couples, soooo unbearable to Esther. For another hand she’s having a better relation with Wendy, another one who is very popular, however she’s not that posh, the truth is that she’s really nice. Anyway, the great news: Adam is going to dinner!Besides in class, there was a moment when Imogen and Esther were talking about him, and they’ve almost caught up by Wendy. Nobody should know it!!!! Esther met Maisie and Wendy to go to the center city, by the way, a bit late, because they’re not very punctual, but neither the rest of the classmates. It was kind of cool at the beginning, not with a lot of people, although Esther was expecting anxiously to Adam, and then Rud showed up, without him saying that he was not going to come. Damn!So...what to do???let’s get drunk, why not?Of course, the worst wasn’t that, when Stelle showed up with Frankie and his friends, shouting, with vulgar remarks, and all that stuff, what a shame... The rest of the night Esther’s friends were telling her about what happened, finally she and Imogen decided to get lost by purpose.