Wednesday, March 1, 2017


What a crap of a Saturday! Esther was going out really happy with her new orange cool coat. The plan of the night was obviously the same as usual, following Luke and his friends,” funnyyyy!!” But at least, the girls find out that they have nicknames, truth is, that was the funniest of that night. Specially because after all that, Esther saw all the boys that she likes with their girlfriends: Derek, Troy, Alan,… (well, she doesn’t know about Alan, but he’s definitely really handsome and it’s always great to see him)In a pub, they were talking with some guys, and when they were leaving to another pub, Esther found out that her coat wasn’t there. What a f***ing bad luck! The thing is that she’d actually seen some gipsy girls, who looked quite bad, around it. Besides, that night was really cold! So, Esther was not going to go home like that, so that she stole another coat from a pub they don’t usually go. Maureen and Ivy were annoyed about that and told her off: “- but what the hell??? I don’t like this either! Come on! I never do these things, but what you want me to do? Get freezing?” Yet home Esther sees that the coat doesn’t have lots of things, though she feels guilty. She confesses writing in her diary that she’s not having a very good moment, Imogen bothers her all the time, there are bad moments also regarding love and everything, she’s so pissed off. Stealing that coat, gave her a feeling she never had: adrenaline. But not anymore.


Esther finds out, talking to Alan, that he has a girlfriend, so he has confidence enough to tell her those kinds of things. Anyway, Imogen saw them and she got totally mad, telling her that she likes him and wants to steal her boy; unbelievable!!! This girl is out of her mind, and what is she going to do with her girlfriend?? At the lunch, Alex cheered Esther up, who can’t understand why they are friends. These things are like this. Wendy and Esther are planning a cool Friday hanging out, when suddenly Imogen called her to apologize and also to inform her about a party in the Sylvan. So, at the end the only plan was that, and when Esther was going to leave towards the pub, Imogen just texted her that she was late, ahhh!!! This girl really makes her mad, more than anyone else in her entire life! Anyway, 40 minutes later there they were, with the group of people that frequent the pub, but not talking to them. However Imogen manages herself to stand out, how embarrasing! Because when this girl is drunk she’s a bit silly and ruder that in normal circumstances, and just as she’s not tall or anything… everybody could see her. So, seeing all this Esther decides to leave that stupid party. She’s beginning to realize that they’re too young to be there, at least for her, who has some sense of ridiculousness, not like Imogen, who doesn’t have a bit.


This week has been very homely, because Esther’s family gave her a warning to be more careful and collaborate with the house chores. Thank God that she has good times at high school. She’s been with Alan at class, who was very shy at the beginning, but later it’s been fine. Afterwards Wendy showed up with a friend and they have been hanging out, playing cards and so on. In the last class, she’s been with J.M., who was joking all the time, what a boy! Later, gossiping with Beryl and Alex going home. Esther went immediately to her bedroom to relax. But her mother called everyone, to say that they had been robbed at the shop. That was really shocking. Esther’s middle sister: Elspeth, has brought a movie and after dinner all the family together have been watching it. Esther couldn’t remember the last time they did something like that, but for the first time she felt good with her family, apart from all the differences between them.


Esther’s been drinking today too much, it’s been even embarrassing because she’s seen Henry, though he was laughing out loud, so at least she’s funny when she’s drunk. So much that she got his phone number, Esther was really happy for that, and her friends freaking out because of her behaviour. Jay caught her up when she was following him, but she doesn’t care, because she’s also seen Alan, yehaaa!!! So after all this crazy and wild night, at the end, as it’s said, you have to throw up what you drink in anyway, so gross… and regarding Esther that happened just suddenly, in the middle of the street. But the good thing is that a boy, who was passing, tried to cheer her up and even gave her some earrings, kind of funny! Afterwards she tried to feel better, drinking a lot of water, and then she run into Ge’ne , they told each other a lot of stuff, even that she’s still dating Aidan, what a dumb girl! After all he did… What Esther was not expecting at all, is that she lost her keys and had to ring home. What a telling off from her parents!!And they do have a reason, with that awful wasted face that Esther had.


There’s a good feeling at class, Imogen is more relaxed, but she likes getting blushed to Alan, that’s fun, hahaha, though for him not. However it doesn’t seem to bothers him too much. The bad thing is that sometimes she says really seriously and dramatically to Esther not to like her his boy “excuse me???” after that order from Imogen, Esther got a bit annoyed, she even warns her to spend more time together, what’s that supposed to mean?? Esther took a long time to appreciate the good company and friends, and for her those statements from Imogen were not coming from a true friend. The good side of Esther’s confirmation course is that she’s surprisely having fun with all the new people. How not! There’s a handsome boy called Henry, even though he’s a joker, and she doesn’t like that at all. There’s been a dinner, so a lot of fun. Later Esther has met with her friends, it was a bit sad ‘cause she was talking to a group of nice guys, but not very nice for the girls, so she was not going to be alone with them. After that she put pressure on Maureen about Luke, that’s not common at all, but it is for them, she just wants to help, but Maureen doesn’t see it that way, she needs time.