Friday, March 22, 2013

46. On the wrong track

Lately Esther plays too many truants, and the thing is that Imogen doesn’t help a lot, is rather all the contrary. At least there are better teachers than last year. Imogen is obsessed with Gordon and says very weird things about they both together, but...he never says hello to her!?Wayne neither, but he’s so cute, that’s the reason Esther wants to go to the Sylvan, and maybe today was very brazen. This aftternoon is an alternative plan, and they’ve met in the premises, while they were going Imogen has said to Esther that she doesn’t like the “louts guys”, neither doesn’t Esther. But of course, the ones who are dating some of them are going to disagree. That’s what the girls have been talking about. The unexpected thing was that Franky and Aidan have joined them, so...there they have been, joking badly, even drinking, it’s Saturday, for God’s sake!!!!! Esther left immediately, annoyed by them, although Franky didn’t want her to go, what a stupid groper. At least Aidan is more polite.

45. Rossie’s birthday

These birthday things are really messy. At the end Stelle and Rossie are celebrating it together, at this stage. Apparently Rossie is not well with Chuck and they’ve had an entertained party with that gossip. Rossie has also invited one cousin of her, accompanied by his friend, and other unknown people. This has been a big surprise, especially to the people who was not invited. Among all these discussions Rossie’s parents showed up, and they gated her, the rest of people left quickly. However the girls carried on their party, some guys drove them to the city center, but that was crazy, because the driver was drunk, and they realized that in the car. In the way to the pubs they met the usual people, including Troy, who joined Esther. Some girls met the new group of boys, who looked madly at Troy, but he didn’t realise and flirted with Maureen. Esther was amazed and had to put up with the other boys, who are kind of LOUTS, did you know this???So, she preferred to stay with Ivor, who was staring all the time at Stelle kissing and other things, with Franky, “-What the hell is she doing with him???- asked Ivor to Esther; obviously he was in love with her, no doubt.