Tuesday, January 17, 2012

28. Disappointments.

Today Stelle has said to Esther that this weekend she has to go out and get involved with Troy, very seriously, Esther was quite bewildered with such security.
Stelle has informed her that the couples are not than good. Like Becky, and when Esther's told her something honestly she's got annoyed, but Esther doesn't care and kept on telling her all things possible. maybe this time Becky is really mad at her, well, she doesn't mind at all, better for her, now that she knows what kind of interest is after her friendship.
By the way, Rud doesn't have his own life, 'cause is a gossip guy and teased Stelle, this time.
So, tonight: to enjoy it! Esther is keen to go out, but in another hand she also wants to change sometimes their plannes, at the end they always do the same things.
And tonight, again, another one with rows,
1st-The one of Ge'ne and Allan's , and they even have split up,
2nd-Heather is not with Hunk anymore, according to some news in the group, she stayed with Ralph and Troy last weekend, and she should have get involved with both of them. Thats' too much to say, so, when Esther found the right moment she went to talk with her, and Heather confessed EVERYTHING. WHAT A BIG ARGUMENT!!!!!!!!Because Heather even called her a dull person, and straitlaced, false...'Excuse me???'
She couldn't believe all that, she had never been so mad and let down at the same time. Then, the rest of the group went out from the bar and tried to calm her, telling her to forget about Heather, leaving her alone. That was so unexpected for Esther, she though of Heather as her closest friends ever, and now all this???The only thing she really worthed was the company of the other girls, and that they were with her and not with Heather