Saturday, June 28, 2014


Esther has arrived late to the Confirmation course and the nun of course, has told her off: -“you’ve got to take seriously this course, to be in peace with God and be a good catholic, if not you’re out” To Esther actually is not such a big deal, so she’s thinking again about attending that course, but she’s fed up, even her friends are not going. With all that bothering to Esther, she has decided to drink, of course with the same group as usual. And that’s great fun, because Alvin is there, fooling around her, but she likes that…’Till a moment that Esther suddenly has the feeling to bring up. The worst is that some class mates were there, what a shame!However, they have been very kind to see if she’s ok. After all this, Esther has met, again, Troy and his new friends, because he’s told her that the group where he was before splitted up. And there, they have been, talking about that and the reasons (dislikes, difference of opinions…) Her friends got annoyed because of that, talking with Troy, like nothing had happened before. “Oh!Come on!is just a conversation” sometimes she doesn’t understand them. That’s a silly reason to her.


This past week Esther has been meeting Matthew, he’s nice but a little very young, despite his kindness, still silly, and today, for example, the louts have been teasing him, too much cruel and mean, even there’s almost a fight. Moreover Esther doesn’t know how and why, but lately Alvin is talking to her all the time, when this happen she likes more that group, specially since she really likes Alvin. Later suddenly, Rossie’s had a trouble with some girls, because apparently his boyfriend had another girlfriend and when all of them find it out there has been almost another fight against Rossie. What a tense night! Thanks to God that Troy’s group have passed and help the girls, although they have been laughing of that, not really funny to Esther though. So, Rossie at the end hasn’t lasted long time with his boy, and Esther right now is doubting, let’s make a list of Pros and Cons.


Esther has bet something very funny at High School, because some people think that she’s a little shy, which she disagrees, so…, to show people that they’re wrong, she has to touch 80 guys’ butts. And she did it! Even though this seems very silly, actually was funny. To Esther that’s enough, due to the last week. Apparently some people is saying things about her, in addition Alvin and Cindy are not ok. Tonight Elmer’s brother’s come. Who knows who is worse, such a tiring guy. They’ve also met new Rossie’s boyfriend. Anyway, lots of laughs with the louts, they’re not than high. That night besides, they’re taking advantage of Esther’s bet. By the way Alvin is having a great time, except when Cindy calls him. With that absurd thing she’s met more guys than ever. At the end of that night Rossie’s boyfriend shows up with all his friends, that’s perfect ‘cause Esther needs to touch 4 more butts, one of the boys can’t stop laughing, how cute by the way!!!there they have been, talking,….and more things....