Thursday, December 23, 2010

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14. The hoped-for moment

After the holidays there are changes and hopes,too. It seem that a lot of things happened. Becky and Austin are taking a break, and whereas she discuss it with Aaron, how not!, Esther and Rufus don't understand a word, they finished very confused.
Hank is kind of happy, so step by step Esther is tackling him and giving clues.
Everybody have news and they tell each other going back home.

Esther walked with Hank until his home, because she didn't realize talking with him all the time, like bewitched. And while they were saying goodbye he told her that she was very pretty, holding her hand, and ......the spark flies!!They kissed.

In the afternoon Stelle, Heather and Esther were gossiping, they're not with the junks anymore, a bad experience, so smoking joints to drown their sorrows. But it was great fun, later Maisie showed up crying, the reason was that she caught his boyfriend with another girl having sex. But she was weird, so she joined, of course. At the end Wendy and Ivy went to the meeting, shocking when they saw them like that(very smoked), and flirting with some rappers, well, Esther not, she knows some limits, not like her friends and got annoyed a little, but the other girls teased her, beginning Maisie. she didn't understand anything, and realised is not like them, can't you have a little fun just yourself with your friends???

13. Snow-covered days

This week the schoolmates are a little messed, holidays are coming and the marks too.
For another hand Esther is very happy because Hank has been all the time with her,besides,it has been snowing these days and they used to play with the snow. Aaron annoyed with some of the guys 'cause they were joking about Becky,he said that he doesn't like at all that kind of girls,and even he has some mania to her, throwing them snow-balls.
At the end of the last class all the group were together, having lunch and saying goodbye. Later there was a gossip about Maisie, having sex with his boyfriend in his car near the school.
Tonight: leaving party! Everybody in the disco with MAisie mad calling them every kind of insults, so at the end the group was separated:Wendy, Maisie,Ivy and Henrietta together,while Esther's group were there quietly dancing,when they noticed Becky and Austin cold between them, but she realized that and left together the place with no words. Aaron got mad and drunk with Rufus,who were doing silly things later.
Afterwards JM came with a friend, telling Esther that Hank couldn't go, and he confessed her that she IS the other girl who Hank likes. So, the purpose from JM is:to be more dare!

12. The 2 parties

Today at High School it's being talking all the time about the 2 parties tonight, and knowing which one,people prefer to go.Esther's friends are busy, so whe Hank asked her for going to his party, she had no doubts,grinning him a lot. They were there chatting a little, explaining her that it's a friend's birthday. But in the lunch Wendy says to Esther that she counts on her to go to the other party, because it's from Ivy's High school:unbelievable!She told Wendy the situation, but Wendy persuaded her that they could go to both of them. So, they were planning everything going back home.
In the afternoon, Wendy went to Esther's house to get ready for the great parties.
First to Ivy's one, which was kind of boring and besides she left soon, to study,so typical from her, good for the others! Turn to the other party, which was better, they met a lot of people except the one Esther really wanted;Aaron , Austin and Becky(the super-trio) and Rufus drop-out anywhere,JM flirting foolishly with Wendy, so when Esther begun to be boring she thought to go home, and in that moment she run into Hank, who said hello very happily. What a cool conversations they have!!Esther wa so excited.....until Wendy put the finishing touch to go home 'cause it was very late, and Esther realised something special in HAnk's look, what Wendy told her later, obviously he's crazy about her.

11. classroom dinner

Today in class they were talking about a dinner tonight.Everybody's going except Becky, who is a little silly with his boyfriend, while Aaron was pinching her all the time to come with the group, but it was impossible.
Esther invited Stelle, who didn't have any plan, although she´s dating another hunk.
So, at the beginning, at dinner, they were all the students eating ad drinking to have ready the body, but later begun to came the pimps macking rackets just because, until they were thrown out the bar, what an embarrasing moment!
Already in the disco, dancing Esther with Wendy and Henrietta, and Hank and JM, joining later. Suddenly a romantic song on, when Hank asked esther to dance, obviously she was very happy dancing, smelling him, and feeling him, this was great for her, it seems they like each other.
That was a weird night, because he didn't leave her behind.
Even they went home together, and he told her he is not with her girlfriend anymore, after this Esther reacted very happily, telling him to count on her everytime he needed, but the guy didn't wanted to say who was the other girl he likes.