Thursday, November 17, 2011

27. Overwhelming family

This week Becky has been very annoying 'cause it seems that she's not ok with Austin. Besides Aaron has said to Esther that they're really bad, such a tiring girl! Stelle is in the same way, but the other way round, maybe Esther is antiboyfriends, while Hank begins flirting with her, so she can't understand anything. Stelle have told Esther to have lunch together because she is alone home. In the way to her house Heather joined them, but when Esther phoned to her parents they said not to go, why? She was so stoned that she began to cry her heart out. In the afternoon when she arrived home there was no argument, however all the family were talking, Esther was giving her opinion of everything, she explained that her family just want her to study a lot and no more, they don't care about anything else, neither her feelings, and she 's realized that there's a whole world outside to discover. She feels so missunderstood that attends a sèance in her bedroom, which is Elspeth's too, and she's showed up, dazzled, asks to Esther what's going on with her, whether she has a problem or what is it. So embarrasing! Later Stelle has phoned to go out and talk of what happened home, Esther is relieved that she has friends like Stelle, although somewhere between the conversation they are smoking cigarettes and joints, in adittion Maisie joined them, and they've begun to tell adventures. That's the moment when Esther begin to feel sad because this weekend she has to go with her family to an excursion, without knowing how to get out of it, she just can't stand her family. Wrting all this in her diary she even sometimes, thinks that maybe they are not her real family, they're so different each other, perhaps not physically, at leat the women, but her father is very different, no one has his green eyes(unfortunately)...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

26. The Great Weekend (3rd part)

Sunday- The girls have met at midday to talk about all that happened last days and very happy because they all have boyfriend. Esther has had a conversation with Maureen deeply, who has told her that nothing happened between Troy and her, and if Esther likes him a lot she doesn't give a damn about him. Ohh!!That's so good to hear to Esther, she just realizes how great fiend is Maureen. Rossie was very enthusiastic because Esther is dating Ian, and while they were going to the place the've met, there were just Rossie's boyfriend and Horace, who tells Esther that Ian is not going and that he breaks up with her. What?Hahahaha, that was a joke??Because of her reaction, freaking out, he tries to cheer her up, saying to her that he doesn't understand the reason with beautiful words from his part "you're so pretty, and cute..."bla bla bla, but this was the best part: "if you want we can make him be jealous"For Esther that was the last thing to hear, he makes a plan up. Rossie knows where he is..... "Excuse me??-asked Esther (how did Rossie know that??)it's so surrealistic!Anyway, everybody to the pool-hall! After thrashing Ian, Esther celebrates it kissing Horace(she didn't even know how good she was at this game)and in that moment a blonde girl comes in, who goes towards Ian and kissed him..., her girlfriend???But, what the hell???!!! When her friends showed up Esther left the place quickly, and very embarrased. Although Esther didn't want to know anymore about guys, of course, she met Troy, who, by the way, tells her he likes her too. That REALLY was the last thing for that weekend, what a F****** bastard!But that was not the end, later his ex-girlfriend, again in the bar, and Esther could see he wanted to make it up. Amazing!What a mickey! At least, Esther went home proud and happy of everything that she did that long weekend

Friday, August 19, 2011

25.The Great Weekend (2nd part)

When Esther went out tonight, realised that yesterday Troy missed her, amazing!All the time asking her what happened(while she was in her bedroom thinking about what she did;the punishment that her parents gave to her).When he left, a tiring guy was fliritng with her, but HE came back: goobye annoying-guy! And then Troy told her that he broke up with his girl. She couldn't believe that when suddenly he said he liked another girl: Maureen. That's more unbelievable!She left the bar freaking out because when she said that to Maureen, she was veeery happy, 'cause she likes Troy too.
Outside were Stelle and Heather with his boyfriend, who she told everything to. A face like Esther's. What's going on???Ok, 1st answer: "get involved with a guy"Is it an answer for everything??And then Rossie showed up with his boyfriend and his classmates, and they mess her, even more, with a friend, are they kidding her??Is it than easy?Well, suposely IT is. Esther began to talk with Ian: a blonde sweet boy, who, besides, ask her to date together, so kind! Irresistible. She wasn't sure what she was doing, but, who cares?ANd it was true, all that, kissing a guy just out of spite. Maybe that was not the right answer for her, but with this silly thing, they've met for Sunday, so let's see what happen.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

24. THE GREAT WEEKEND (1st Part)

Friday- This week the gossip has been Esther's affair, how they are!But she didn't see him on Saturday, according to Troy he doesn't go out a lot and is a little weird, as always as usual Esther's lucky with love. Again, was an annoyance with Becky, she jugdes and critizes Esther so easily... Heather has gone to the School 'cause she met Stelle to play truants, with his boy, who doesnt' study*(A long story)They met with another friend of him and talking and talking....there..... they wanted Esther to go with all of them, and they've convinced her.
So, they arrived to a bar somewhere in his great car, this adventure was reaaaaally cool. They have been playing cards about erotic games and all that stuff. In the end everybody kissed the friend(Albert)who was very hot. That was so much fun!!!
Heather confessed to the girls that she can't control a lot with guys, so lost in them!They understand her a little, all of them have cleared everything up.
Later, home, Esther's parents knew about it. What a big TELLING-OFF.Her father was so dissapointed, she's apologized a lot. In her bedroom she felt a little sorry about it, but it really deserved that great day for her, maybe what she can't control is that, if their friends do it, why she doesn't???

*Ok, the point is that Chuck and Heather didn't last a long time, exactly like one week, more or less. He said she was too much for him, and by chance she knew Troy's girlfriend, who introduced her this other guy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

23. Controlling feelings

Esher feels that these times are calmer, thank God!And the less she can stand right now is that Hank is taking liberties, as happened when they were together and she's having got it in for him. With becky is better, but is a fact that she's a weird girl, she was looking in a strange way to Stelle because she's crazy for Edmund. Rud, as usual, tease at her, and she doesn't even care!she didn't notice anything at all!!hahaha, she's in cloud number 9.
Going back home, in the bus, Hanks wanted to sit down near Esther, but she rejected it and went with Susan(what a face he had ).
Tonight they met with the new group, wich they call: ´The Guys´. All together,this means: all the couples, of course,and besides Troy's girlfriend showed up, what a F****** surprise. So much that Esther got drunk, .....
Later, she met, at last, Ricky, everybody wanted her to be with him, so well, in the end, talking and talking...they get involved. It was ok!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

22. The new guy's group

Today, when the girls went out, they met the new guy's group, and was great fun. Casually Cindy met one of the guys a long time ago. It seem that there will make couples. Let's see: Allan (a blonde smiley boy)with Geraldine, Edmund (a Panamanian dark-haired guy)with Stelle, Ralph(the most gorgeous of the group;brown hair and blue eyes)with Cindy, Ricky, who likes Esther and is latin too, but she likes Troy, in love with his girlfriend. The ones already dating are Heather and Chuck(the typical cocky guy)
They all met on Sunday and went to the park, they are very nice. Esther is talking every time with Troy, although maybe that's worst. So there, they were: Stelle, Heather, Rossie, Cindy, Esther, Allan, Edmund and Troy, who get confused to Esther, he's so liberal and cute!When the day finished Troy told her that he doesn't have a girlfriend. What!?
Stelle was very happy, because Edmund was very nice, driving her home. Esther went home with the rest of the guys, she was so glad that they've found a good group of guys. At least they are decents. That's all that she writes in her diary lying on her bed, listening her favourite dance music when has arrived home

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21.A free Day

At High School things are settling down gradually. Esther talk more with hank, whereas JM give her a splitting headache, what's going on with him??And the rest of the people the same thing: but HE has a girlfriend right now!They say she's just an affair.
Apart from this, snowing all the week, and today one big snowfall, and some teachers couldn't go to classes. Meanwhile, they've taken advantage to play with the snow, Esther is very bad throwing snowballs, so she has been giving a good thrashing, including Hank. In the moment that she was warming near the radiator, Hank went up to keep her company, and they began to remember their funniest moments together. It was great!!Classes are over, but there are no buses. Stelle come up with the idea of attending asèance, so cool, Esther was excited, she always wanted to do it . All the guys there: Stelle, Becky, Aaron, Rufus, Hank, JM, Maisie, WEndy, Henrietta and Esther. However, some of them were not serious about that, but they've had fun.
The bad part is that some teachers had seen them and were disgusted. They said to their parents when they arrived to the School to pick the students up. At least Esther's parents didn't gate her, just a little weird about that. even she doesn't care, 'cause of the good day she had. Is Hank still in love with her??She thinks so...

Friday, April 29, 2011


With this thing of St Valentine this week has been much-loved, specially for some people.
Because the point is that Hank is dating with a girl, that Made Esther really mad , thanks to God she has cool friends, 'cause Stelle has been chearing her up to do an Anti-St valentine party. But it seems everybody is very happy: Becky with Austin, Maisie..., and, well, Aaron made advances to Esther, or not??telling her she is very beautiful, and nice, and easy-going, the perfect girlfriend, so???That was veeery weird for Esther.
She met before the Confirmation course, where, by the way, the nun warned her because of the absences, so she should go seriously, although today Stelle messed her a little bit. After some shopping, when Esther arrived to the Chapel was late, again, and there was another argument, even the nuns give her the telling-off.
Her friends laugh about that, but she doesn't want to lose this course. They forget everything and go out to pubs. Apparently, Rossie is again with Jeff, and all together. Whatt'a long time! A calm night that the girls really needed; you shouldn't get used badly. And there, they were dancing, and having fun, when a guy next to Esther began to talk with her, because he wanted to introduce one of his friends to Stelle(so exciting!), at the end all of them met each other. And Esther kept on talking with this guy: Troy, dark hair, bright hazel eyes, the most wonderful smile she'd ever seen, nice voice, and the smell.... , and suddenly he says"well...., I have a girlfriend"JUST TO NOTICE: WHY DOES ESTHER ALWAYS LIKE GUYS WITH A GIRLFRIEND????She thinks is not than normal.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

19. The Concert

These last days Esther is always thinking in the weekend. She and Stelle decided to change her usual plans. So, today’s is a concert, then calmly enjoying the music, but some of the friends were still annoyed, that no helps... The big question was the reason that Stelle invited Maisie, who came with her nasty company.Well, at the end each couple arrive to the concert.
It was good fun, how great is the dance music! But the truth is that it was a little scene, so embarrasing!And some of the girls said to Maisie and Co. to go to another place to kick up the fuss, they almost hit the girls. It was a little violent and the same happened with Stelle’s new guy. At least they made him it clear, why they have to put up with his paws and his rude behaviour???Afterwards he didn’t care about that, but Esther and Maureen left the concert. And behind them the rest of the group, and finally they forgave each other, without Maisie, of course. The worst thing is that they go to the same classes, but the good news are that she’s not gonna go out with the group anymore.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

18. Side effects

At last the weekend!! Esther has duties at home, boring, but that make her family happy, so all Saturdays mornings cleaning the livingroom, and with her music is more amuse.
She feel keen to go out tonight. Today they meet early, although some of the girls are not very punctual . They're going to Stelle's parents's premises to do all kind of things. They've drunk a lot, and want to have a great fun.
The bad part is that some of the girls were not really good, including Esther, but not than much. So, it was a petty quarrel, and the friends have separated, is that not kind of selfish??Specially Rossie and Cindy. Heather dissapeared with a guy, as always as usual. Geraldine wanted to drive Stelle to hospital, but after a while arguing what to do they met Maisie and her new"friends", and she messed again everything, but Stelle suddenly got better and they went together to another place, can you believe it???What the hell is going on with these people??. Ge'ne got than mad that she blamed Esther(are you serious???what about the bitch one??).
These are not a good times obviously, and Esther was tired and boring. This thing of drinking and smoking joints sometimes let down more.

17. Hanging on to the friends

This week Hank hast got closer a little more to Esther, but not a lot. Besides she doesn't know what is doing, she went with Susan, playing truants, and when Hank knew about it said to Esther that is an unconscious and immature girl, anyway, everything but pretty, and that they're definitely over, their relation never will work. So, what an awful day!
Becky now is very happy with Austin, at least Esther, Rufus and Aaron are having a good fun together, although Rud is the one who laughs of her, again. But in that moment she answered him, and they both were there, face to face, Esther really nervous, like trembling, mixed to the feeling to cry... But, then, his popular friends showed up. After this, she played truants alone, because she doesn't feel very good, and that nobody understand her, but she doesn't care.
Whereas Esther was calm in her bedroom, listening to her favourite music, Stelle called to cheer her up, and later Heather,etc... And they met a as an alternative plan after her mother speech about the studies.
While they were laughing, grabbing a a drink and eating, they decided a plan for the weekend and be happier. Just in that moment Rossie arrrived saying that she and Jeff are having a break, and that she thinks he cheat on her. Amazing!Ah!and another plan to make Maisie not to go out with them, even lately she is very pain and could be going out with weird people, having drugs and that stuff, who, by the way, call them , but they told her they were not going out this weekend, hahaha

16. Quarrels everywhere

What a horrible week! Hank mad, and Esther apologizing. And Becky behind needling her to not back together, how can this be possible and be so envious?? Esther realised she's not the kind of friend that would like to have, and she just talk with Stelle, Aaron and Rufus, that it seem they understand her better. But as an advice: To forget him!And for another hand JM saying that Hank misses her. At the end of the classes Austin was waiting for Becky, 'cause Aaron is sick of them. That seemed they made it up.
After Confirmation all the group met in the Parish because some of the girls left it, and they went to grab a drink. The surprise of the night was the argument of Rossie and Jeff, and later with Cindy, what a mess between these guys!
Afterwards Maisie joined, who was saying her stories, in other words: "Maistories". This one; she met with an unknown guy who drugged her. All the girls were worried and shocked, come on!!!And the one who have to put up with her at the end is Esther, going back home, and Maisie didn't doubt of complain and criticize her friends. Esther was thinking by herself that she is very weak, and that she can't take out her really character, wondering about the reasons.

15. A wrong party

This week has been special for Esther, everyday with Hank, she likes him a lot, even more if it can be possible.There's too another point, Becky doesn't like at all this relation and now she hates guys, just unbelievable. So esther was arguing with her, following them the rest of people around, even JM with Hank, Rud was laughing all the time. For the first time Esther is very happy, at last, and she doesn't understand all this mess.

Hank invited Esther to his birthday party, and she told her friends, who didn't have better plans.
The worst part is that Maisie went too, standing out, as always as usual, drinking and smoking a lot. Rossie came a bit later with Jeff and his friends, so the party got out of control, so much that Hank blamed Esther because of everything, telling her to pay the damages done. She felt very humiliated, all that argument in front of everybody, she didn't expect nothing like that, and in the way back home Becky saying that she warned her about it.

When Esther was alone in her way began to cry, but behind was Maisie, beginning another argument, but for Esther that was enough, whatever!She can't stand her, but right now is not the mean problem.

So when she arrived home, went quickly to her bedroom, to relax a little, with her music, and wrote in her diary all that happened, at least she felt relieved like this, when she feel ok, alone in her bed, taking out everything inside to her papers.