Tuesday, July 5, 2011

24. THE GREAT WEEKEND (1st Part)

Friday- This week the gossip has been Esther's affair, how they are!But she didn't see him on Saturday, according to Troy he doesn't go out a lot and is a little weird, as always as usual Esther's lucky with love. Again, was an annoyance with Becky, she jugdes and critizes Esther so easily... Heather has gone to the School 'cause she met Stelle to play truants, with his boy, who doesnt' study*(A long story)They met with another friend of him and talking and talking....there..... they wanted Esther to go with all of them, and they've convinced her.
So, they arrived to a bar somewhere in his great car, this adventure was reaaaaally cool. They have been playing cards about erotic games and all that stuff. In the end everybody kissed the friend(Albert)who was very hot. That was so much fun!!!
Heather confessed to the girls that she can't control a lot with guys, so lost in them!They understand her a little, all of them have cleared everything up.
Later, home, Esther's parents knew about it. What a big TELLING-OFF.Her father was so dissapointed, she's apologized a lot. In her bedroom she felt a little sorry about it, but it really deserved that great day for her, maybe what she can't control is that, if their friends do it, why she doesn't???

*Ok, the point is that Chuck and Heather didn't last a long time, exactly like one week, more or less. He said she was too much for him, and by chance she knew Troy's girlfriend, who introduced her this other guy.