Thursday, October 3, 2013

48. The welcoming dinner

Dinner’s classroom was not celebrated yet, but tonight is the night. To Esther, actually, is really good that Imogen is at her class, because the rest of the classmates are a bit posh, and always thinking to be popular, that’s so stupid for her.Even there are some poshy couples, soooo unbearable to Esther. For another hand she’s having a better relation with Wendy, another one who is very popular, however she’s not that posh, the truth is that she’s really nice. Anyway, the great news: Adam is going to dinner!Besides in class, there was a moment when Imogen and Esther were talking about him, and they’ve almost caught up by Wendy. Nobody should know it!!!! Esther met Maisie and Wendy to go to the center city, by the way, a bit late, because they’re not very punctual, but neither the rest of the classmates. It was kind of cool at the beginning, not with a lot of people, although Esther was expecting anxiously to Adam, and then Rud showed up, without him saying that he was not going to come. Damn!So...what to do???let’s get drunk, why not?Of course, the worst wasn’t that, when Stelle showed up with Frankie and his friends, shouting, with vulgar remarks, and all that stuff, what a shame... The rest of the night Esther’s friends were telling her about what happened, finally she and Imogen decided to get lost by purpose.

Monday, August 19, 2013

47. Funny times at HIgh School

It seems that Esther is having more fun in this course's class, than hanging out with her friends, and see what could happen 'cause she's all the time staring at Adam, but she gets embarrased with the thing that he's Rud's friend, although they look at the girls too. Today, for example, at drawing class, Hank sit down near Esther and hasn't stopped doing silly things, asking for her all the time a pencil, a paper,....Behind them were Rud, Adam and Alvin, on the front was Hugh, who has been all the time taking Esther's tools, also Alvin asking her(setting constantly his finger on her back) . Imogen doesn't understand anything, and Rud was laughing with Adam, but that's no point to be rude with him. In the end, Esther has been telling off, just amazing to her, why her??? Thanks to God the bell rings, because they could have been thrown out. Imogen says to Esther to go to he park to talk about that weird situation, and they have met Maisie and Wendy, also playing truants, it's such a good weather! They have done a lot of stuff: talking, smoking, even attending a sèance, playing cards. They have been teasing Imogen a little, because sometimes is so easy..., but Esther has noticed that she's realised all that jokes, saying madly to Esther to go with her to her house, finally they've cleared things out.

Friday, March 22, 2013

46. On the wrong track

Lately Esther plays too many truants, and the thing is that Imogen doesn’t help a lot, is rather all the contrary. At least there are better teachers than last year. Imogen is obsessed with Gordon and says very weird things about they both together, but...he never says hello to her!?Wayne neither, but he’s so cute, that’s the reason Esther wants to go to the Sylvan, and maybe today was very brazen. This aftternoon is an alternative plan, and they’ve met in the premises, while they were going Imogen has said to Esther that she doesn’t like the “louts guys”, neither doesn’t Esther. But of course, the ones who are dating some of them are going to disagree. That’s what the girls have been talking about. The unexpected thing was that Franky and Aidan have joined them, so...there they have been, joking badly, even drinking, it’s Saturday, for God’s sake!!!!! Esther left immediately, annoyed by them, although Franky didn’t want her to go, what a stupid groper. At least Aidan is more polite.

45. Rossie’s birthday

These birthday things are really messy. At the end Stelle and Rossie are celebrating it together, at this stage. Apparently Rossie is not well with Chuck and they’ve had an entertained party with that gossip. Rossie has also invited one cousin of her, accompanied by his friend, and other unknown people. This has been a big surprise, especially to the people who was not invited. Among all these discussions Rossie’s parents showed up, and they gated her, the rest of people left quickly. However the girls carried on their party, some guys drove them to the city center, but that was crazy, because the driver was drunk, and they realized that in the car. In the way to the pubs they met the usual people, including Troy, who joined Esther. Some girls met the new group of boys, who looked madly at Troy, but he didn’t realise and flirted with Maureen. Esther was amazed and had to put up with the other boys, who are kind of LOUTS, did you know this???So, she preferred to stay with Ivor, who was staring all the time at Stelle kissing and other things, with Franky, “-What the hell is she doing with him???- asked Ivor to Esther; obviously he was in love with her, no doubt.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

44. The rainy night

So, today it's supposed to be the hunting super-plan. Although is not to going to be like that, because it doesn't stop raining, these girls want to go out, but this is such a bad weather. Of course they've drunk and smoke, and everything in the premises, that's cool, not rain, lots of laughs and besides is cheap. The bad side is that Stelle has a new friend: Ivor, who is a bit tiring and silly. Esther thinks he likes Stelle, all the time with her... Esther is afraid they're too much drunk and stoned, as usual, and still raining outside. To Esther this plan is boring, they didn't see anyone, and she wants to go home `cause that's sad. While they were going to take the bus, some guys stood under Esther's umbrella, just like that! So there they were talking. Esther said it was small to 5 people. But these guys insisted: Frank (the funny guy), Aidan (the most handsome), Ozzie (the cocky one). Of course, the girls began to mark them, well, these group of guys wanted to join the rest of his friends, all trying to convince Esther, but it was not than difficult, and not a long way. So, they met the rest of the boys. They were a lot!In just 5 minutes Franky and Stelle got involved. They went to a pub, and when Esther got out from the toilet saw Aidan with Ge'ne, but...her friends???No one was there, jus 'Pitch', who began to talk with her, and other things..... It's obvius that was too much drunk, hahaha...(getting involved in the back of the toilet)

43. What is coming

Esther is afraid that this course is gon'na be very entertaining, the reason is that she can't avoid glance at Adam, how hot is he!Between Imogen and her, they're going to wear the guys out. Even Esther is having more fun with her. Actually Imogen is really funny, although she leads Esther astray; they're playing truants almost every day, smoking everything, and passed all the time in the Sylvan, with Gordon and Wayne, well, looking at them. Sometimes Esther thinks they seem kind of silly. Today is Friday, and they've met with Stelle, doing the same things in her premises, the news are that, when the girls went to buy some snacks, found out a table football which somebody wanted to throw it out, but is great to decorate their place!!That was fun, people around looking at them awkwardly, hahaha. Afterwards Ge'ne showed up and got amazed with all that, who not? But there, they were, gossiping,and lamenting of their sad love life, so a new plan to hunt some guys on Saturday.

42. New course -> New things

Honestly these last days Esther is having fun with Imogen at school. The amazing thing is that Imogen likes Rud, unbelievable. Aaron is a nuisance with Austin 'cause Esther still haven't broken up with him, and actually they don't see each other. Apart from this school stuff, Imogen likes another guy: Gordon, they usually go to a snack bar:´´Sylvan´´, to see him. The point is that this boy has a friend who is good-looking(Wayne), at least to Esther, so....., they are spending the afternoons, pretending to study. Today is the confirmation ceremony, at last!Esther is so keen on finishing it. All their friends, and her family, so cool!! The family went later to a restaurant, but Esther was only thinking to meet her friends. However, she met first with Austin, but he couldn't go, not as Aaron who went to apologize for him, in that moment Esther took advantage and said to Aaron that she wanted to split up with Austin, there's no sense to that relation, she left quickly.Aaron was standing there, surprised by the news.