Friday, September 5, 2014


Yesterday night was a High School Party, and honestly kind of boring. At least there was a cute boy, who knew Maureen, they studied in the same Primary School, but different classrooms, so with nice views… This Saturday it was another dressing-up party. At the beginning in a house, there was a little mess between the group of girls, ‘cause apparently Stelle got involved with some guy, and when his boyfriend knew it, begun to look for him, sometimes she’s a bit silly. It’s a good job that they didn’t find the guy; because he doesn’t have any fault. After a couple of hours the trio (Maureen, Imogen, and Esther ) got lost on purpose. In a bar Imogen’s begun to flirt with a guy, at least 5 years older, as well as his friends, in spite of the fact that Esther doesn’t like older guys, contrary to Imogen, she’s had lots of laughs. There was this nice friend, and also gentle, who’s driven her home. Imogen didn’t believe the next day that nothing happened. To Esther was weird too, she writes in her diary that is a pity that her age boys are not that kind and chivalrous, maybe she should change her likes, and worth more the inside that the appearance.


This year marks are really bad to Esther, her parents have given her a warning about that. She’s having such a crazy life lately…, and they don’t even know the half of the things she does. The truth is that she doesn’t give a damn what they think, and when she has been talking about this with Maureen, agrees with them. That’s all that Esther needed right now! It’s not like she’s in her 20s, when you’re growing up you have mistakes and learn, at least that’s what she thinks, and not to be so overprotective. At High School things are calm, today, for example, Adam and Rud have fooling around her too much, she didn’t expect it, what a funny couple! Afterwards Esther and Imogen have been talking about that and another gossips, saying to Esther to go to a party. While they were dancing, in the party disco, Esther just remembered that she’d met Maureen, what a telling off!!!Another one…