Friday, April 29, 2011


With this thing of St Valentine this week has been much-loved, specially for some people.
Because the point is that Hank is dating with a girl, that Made Esther really mad , thanks to God she has cool friends, 'cause Stelle has been chearing her up to do an Anti-St valentine party. But it seems everybody is very happy: Becky with Austin, Maisie..., and, well, Aaron made advances to Esther, or not??telling her she is very beautiful, and nice, and easy-going, the perfect girlfriend, so???That was veeery weird for Esther.
She met before the Confirmation course, where, by the way, the nun warned her because of the absences, so she should go seriously, although today Stelle messed her a little bit. After some shopping, when Esther arrived to the Chapel was late, again, and there was another argument, even the nuns give her the telling-off.
Her friends laugh about that, but she doesn't want to lose this course. They forget everything and go out to pubs. Apparently, Rossie is again with Jeff, and all together. Whatt'a long time! A calm night that the girls really needed; you shouldn't get used badly. And there, they were dancing, and having fun, when a guy next to Esther began to talk with her, because he wanted to introduce one of his friends to Stelle(so exciting!), at the end all of them met each other. And Esther kept on talking with this guy: Troy, dark hair, bright hazel eyes, the most wonderful smile she'd ever seen, nice voice, and the smell.... , and suddenly he says"well...., I have a girlfriend"JUST TO NOTICE: WHY DOES ESTHER ALWAYS LIKE GUYS WITH A GIRLFRIEND????She thinks is not than normal.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

19. The Concert

These last days Esther is always thinking in the weekend. She and Stelle decided to change her usual plans. So, today’s is a concert, then calmly enjoying the music, but some of the friends were still annoyed, that no helps... The big question was the reason that Stelle invited Maisie, who came with her nasty company.Well, at the end each couple arrive to the concert.
It was good fun, how great is the dance music! But the truth is that it was a little scene, so embarrasing!And some of the girls said to Maisie and Co. to go to another place to kick up the fuss, they almost hit the girls. It was a little violent and the same happened with Stelle’s new guy. At least they made him it clear, why they have to put up with his paws and his rude behaviour???Afterwards he didn’t care about that, but Esther and Maureen left the concert. And behind them the rest of the group, and finally they forgave each other, without Maisie, of course. The worst thing is that they go to the same classes, but the good news are that she’s not gonna go out with the group anymore.