Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Imogen and Esther have met to go to the cinema to see a movie they really wanted to see, and they’ve loved it. When they were leaving, they’ve seen Adam, Esther still feels weird since the kiss thing, and got blushed, that’s what happens if she’s not drunk… So, they went to the Sylvan to drink, hahaha. Then Maureen’s phoned Esther and they’ve met in a pub, but she arrived quite late, so meanwhile they talked to Luke and his friends, in that moment Esther realised that Imogen had never talked to Luke, probably that was the reason Luke had a very weird face, she just hopes Imogen is not saying anything that she wouldn’t. However that weird face from Luke was fun. The two girls have been talking all that time with almost every boy of the group, but all in a sudden Imogen wanted to change, and there’s no point to discuss it, she really hated that!! But that was when they met Maureen, who was expecting to see Luke and got annoyed because she didn’t see him in all night but the girls did. Well, that didn’t stop Esther to enjoy the night, who’s been talking with lots of guys, like Adam, Troy’s friends and another one called Freddy, who was telling her that he knew her from somewhere, but she didn’t, and there they have been a while. When Esther got home, she didn’t want to sleep, so she wrote in her diary the last news, and even though lots of things happen, she tries to see the good side in all, thinking that no matter what, she has to be herself and not let anyone bring her down. It’s funny because regarding Imogen, she can’t stand most of the things from her, but somehow she feels that Imogen is actually the only one who wants to be with her, whereas maybe other people or friends are with her for self-interest, or maybe that thought is wrong?