Tuesday, July 17, 2012

40. Weirdos

There's a small party before holidays 'cause all the girls have they're own plannes. Esther, for example, is going to a summer camp, but this is the last one for her. That night it was this new girl, Ge'ne's friend: Imogen. The thing is that Esther doesn't know how happened but they 2 lost together, and it was weird, well...SHE'S weird, funny but very mean and rude with guys. Later they found the other girls, who were a bit boring, so Esther not . while she was explaining the half and hour with Imogen they laughed; is not funny! Maybe is better Heather, who, they met, and said to the girls that Maisie got involved with Cheek, and they had a fight.2 girls for a boy, that's sad. In the middle of the night, in their way to the pubs, Esther saw some of his ex, buff!!and later Wendy and Ivy, who joined to them. But step by step, the girls were leaving, but Esther wanted to be longer, and then they met Aaron and Austin. So, Aaron begun to talk with Wendy and Ivy, whereas Austin and Esther were getting closer, he was flattering to her all the time and they kissed . They decided to go to a calmer place, talking about the summer planning. Even though Austin wanted to date her. Suddenly Aaron showed up, what a tiring guy!There was Esther, standing their boys silly things, maybe this Austin guy is kind of dim, well both of them, then Esther looked at her watch:hometime!They boys didn't care about that, and said goodbye, Esther couldn't believe that, it has to be a course to study boy's behaviour, that what she wrote in her diary, so dissapointed...

39. Mugged

Esther used to go camping in the summertime, because she hates going to her mother's town, in New Mexico, so small, so stupid kids for her, so that was the better idea to avoid the other option, and her mother applied by her name. Now that Esther is enjoying for the first time her youth life, she wants to be all the time with her friends, and today they're going to the fun-fair, Yehaaaaa! She loves it. They've met Austin and Aaron, they joined the girls, even Austin got a teddy bear for Esther, according to her friends he's flirting with her, ohhhhh, that was so nice from his part, it was the first time a boy gave her a gift, or something like that The thing is that he's a little weird, but kind and good-looking, she knows about Becky, but they're not as good friends. Anyway, time is over, they had lunch and now, tired, but at night,again another meeting. Tonight Ge'ne came with other girl, who is by the way, too much weird: Imogen, The thing is that this girl wanted to see a boy, and the other ones had something to do, so Esther had to go with Imogen. Anyway, she messed Esther, because she was 30 min. late, due to her meeting with her mother in her company, Esther was wondering:"Why you have to meet her right now?"-but no answer. When she arrived, they went into the pub and the boy was not there, the Imogen asked her why was she not keeping an eye while she was outside the bar??She didn't even know who was the one?!!!!! Imogen forgot all, talking with the waiter, leaving her outside alone, who the hell thinks this girl is she?Ok, maybe she's tall, but that brown-blonde short curly?hair, with that potato nose..., and that 60's clothes....!!!Come'on, did she come from the 60's by a future car???When Esther left the bar, Imogen called her madly, they had to meet her friends! What a horrible beginning for that night. Suddenly, few minutes later, looking for her friends, they've met, and they begun to yell at her, "What???????'Are you kidding????" She didn't believe all this, all was Imogen's fault. Ge'ne was mad, because she wanted to go back with Allan, and Esther was disturbing, and the guys, right there, were so scared that they left. In the end, even the girls went back home, except Stelle, she's the only one who understands her, and when they were talking, about all that, they got mugged. Thanks to God Esther didn't have a lot of money, but the gypsies stole her rings, earrings and the necklace, all that she loved, and even punched them, just because of the bad faces, what they wanted??Them to be smiling??

38. Welcome to the 16

Birthday party tonight!!!and Esther discussing with her parents to put her arriving time up,and even the pocket money. So, really excited, she's going shopping with Stelle and Ge'ne, afterwards they've lunch. They've had great fun, talking about everything, and , of course, everybody saying to cheer Maureen up, to go out more. they've begun early the party in the premises. Honestly it was too much to drink, eat, smoke,... So, all the girls were really drunk, but it was a birhtday, so: enjoying it! In the 1st pub they've met Heather, Esther invited her to a drink, laughing together and resentless. Though, she noticed that Heather wasn't talking with Cheek, and for another hand, he was talking a lot with Maisie. In the 2nd pub they've met the group, so more jokes. But the boys were more attentive with Maureen, in another part of the bar Stelle was flirting with other guys and they've introduced each other. When she said it was Esther's birthday, suddenly the hotter guy pounced on Esther and she didn't react; what a shock! The girls were laughing, but with all the hot this guy was, the kiss was awful. Esther went outside to get a breathe of fresh air, then Troy held her to walk, she was astonished! So, there they were, walking and talking, even Maureen with them. That was cool, Troy was very interested asking Esther about her life, and he drove her home. That was a nice behaviour from his part, very protective

37. Good Marks

This week the course is over, and Esther is very happy because she's passed all the exams(taking into account that she's not a good student). Besides it's her birthday. For another hand Becky is annoyed with her due to the good relation Esther has with Austin, and Aaron has told her that Austin likes her. Rufus has been with Becky cheering her up, inviting her to the cinema, their plan tonight, hmmm When the classmates were saying goodbye decided to make a dinner. And it seems that's everybody's plan. What a lively atmosphere in the streets! Esther's friends met later, Rossie is obsessed with his boyfriend. While Esther was doing silly things with Stelle and other guys Becky was looking at them very rudely, gossiping with the rest of the boys, like Aaron. They're so dull!!! Until they've told Esther something about that, like Hank, "he's worst than my father"- thought Esther. At least JM said that they're just having fun, and that are the effects of alcohol. Forgetting all this Esther has danced with Alvin, who was flattering her. , and with Susan. Of course, to top it all, another Maisie's show, even Wendy seemed very embarrased, there she was: Maisie with other weird guy, maybe in his 30s dancing sexily, like having sex. The rest of girls left her there,and went back home.

36. Swimming through the pubs

Saturday coming with all these studying times, so overwhelming , that the girls have decided to go to the swimming-pool again. It turns to be everybody's plan, when they were there to swim a little bit they've met Heather and Co., and all very nice, who was not kind is Rud, unfortunately, splashing Esther all the time. Later "Cheek"(Heather's boyfriend)jumped her into the water, like Aaron and Austin, you've got a nerve!So, there they were, playing the fool. At night was weird, 'cause in the bar where the girls were drinking, it was a purse with clothes. After a while they left that place and Esther realised her friends took everything. What they didn't know is that partying, the other group of girls recognised their stuff and run towards them!Just terribly scary , yelling at them all kind of negative adjectives. When they found a hidden pub, begun to argue about that, are they stupid?And some of them said that it was like a new experience, stealing someone's stuff???That's nosense to Esther and Maureen. In another pub they met "the guys"who were kind of weird. Troy asked Esther if she wanted to kiss Edmund, she was freaking out, and again, when she looked back her friends were not there. Then she realised the guys were nice, but still groper guys, that night they had some sexual necessities that Esther was not going to do in any case. What an embarrasing moment, it's obvious that she wasn't going to be with them anymore.

35. New experiences

Today there's an alternative plan. Besides there's no confirmation course, so after class everybody to the swimming-pool!!!A lot of people have joined in: Wendy, Henrietta, Becky, Stelle, Aaron, Austin, Rufus and J.M. As soon as Becky saw his ex didn't last a long time there, the girls thought that maybe it was going to be a fight, however she got really mad at them."What the hell is he doing here?"-asked Becky looking at the girls. A long quiet, until Esther answered:-"We don't know, ask Aaron" But they didn't care, it seems that everybody have the same opinion as Esther, and after a while Becky left, they begun to enjoy more that moments. To Esther the surprise was that Austin was not than silly than she thought, there they were: jumping, laughing and swimming, of course. That night they've met again, not all the group, but the enough ones, although Ge'ne lately is a little boring. They saw "the guys", kindly talkatives, like Esther with Edmund, who was with other friends, introducing each other, and some of them were hot, even one, flirting with Esther, auntil Allan showed up, and more jokes. In those moments she realised her friends left her alone, 'cause they didn't want to see their ex, but why???She was having a great fun . Afterwards they all went home, even though they were over the limit with the car, and Esther doesn't like that kind of things, to her there are adventures and risks which are not funny at all. This is what she's written down in her diary, happy despite the last thing. Why does she have these best moments when the group is separated?Thinking that she could have been, perhaps, with Troy, still loving him.

34. Dirty games

At High school you can notice that holidays are coming, Esther now is better with Becky, but she still judges Esther's way of be. She doesn't argue that much with the boys, but Esther realised that maybe they provoke her. So it seems that things become to be like at the beginning. Stelle advise Esther not to date Troy, how mug is she!She also wants to rebuild the group. That's today's achievement. But it turns not to be as the girls planned before 'cause the girls were as couples. The worst that happened, when in their favourite bar "Hundreight", they saw a guy who met Heather and got involved with her, but afterwards he criticized her a lot. So Esther and Stelle came up with an idea. The 3 of them went towards the toilets. Just there Esther saw what was all that about and thought that was cruel and awful, even though this guy was so hot. Heather got really mad for that and told them that she didn't want to go out with them anymore, due to their envy, selfishness and more defaults... So more arguments. In that moment Maisie showed up and invited Heather to be in her group: yeah!go for it!They're going to scratch each other's eyes out, as they have so similar personalities.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

33. Confused

Despite Friday's party, is Saturday, so with this sunny day the girls are more keen to go out. They met soon to gossip about the Disco things. But, some of the girls were disagree with Rossie's relation, and they said that Heather is weird lately, to Esther is just a question of time. In the 2nd bar they saw Heaher with his cousin's group, and her new boyfriend, she almost didn't even say hi. For the rest of girls that was a sign that Heather doesn't give a damn of them, but they prefer not to think too much about that. When they met Rossie and Cindy, these ones didn't spend a long time with them, 'cause they went off to see their guys. THAT was not good looking neither, to the other girls. After some pubs, Esther met Troy and they were talking and stuff like the last day. It turned that Ge'ne got upset, asking Esther about her intentions with him very mad, and then she left. Stelle, surprised, went towards her, of course. Esther didn't care, but Troy told her that he didn't want to be a problem between them, saying that he enjoys her company, but not like a serious relation. In the end he drove her home and ended as a good friend, whereas Esther didn't feel like that.