Monday, June 12, 2017


What a huge telling off has been today. And just because Imogen takes it into her head to be blue. So Esther has had to go to her house with Wendy, why? ‘Cause Imogen has phoned her saying that Esther didn’t want to see her, and that she’s her best friend, what a tricky and twisted behaviour. Anyway, there they have been, the 3 of them doing nothing and then to party at her house and say goodbye to this year, and everybody happy, conclusion: Imogen is a damn changeable fussy liar and besides ungrateful; you have to leave anything you have to do to please her whims. Yeah, maybe, going through the divorce of their parents is hard, the fact that he’s never around, and her mother is all the time working, which leads her to want attention from other people like her “friends”, and just because she doesn’t have siblings, she needs company, but even though Esther is aware of that, she already has her own life, with her yelling parents, arguing all the time, as well as their sisters, but she doesn’t ask for all the attention, as her friend, making her selfish and a lot of negative energy she gives off. Yet, in the night, Esther was still mad, and she said she didn’t want to be with Imogen, and the big telling off began, until a guy got in the middle to calm things down. In the end Maureen, Ivy and Esther left, and they had fun. Even Maureen talked to Luke. Going back home, they run into Wendy, who was dressed up (“Is it carnival??”), who was quite annoyed with Esther for leaving her alone with Imogen: “- What are you talking about?”- asked her Esther-“you’ve decided to be with her” Wendy-“I had no alternative” Esther-“Oh come on! You guys are always complaining about her, but do nothing at all, and the one who most spends the time with her it’s me!! Only me!! Because you see her and run away! Wendy- “you’re always the victim here, but you should have more empathy towards her, ‘cause she has feelings too” Esther – “Are you serious?? You really think I have no empathy?? You should be kidding, really, we’ve stopped doing our things today, and I had to be with my grandma, help my mum with errands, the New Year’s Eve dinner, and my own stuff, to do NOTHING this afternoon, just pleasing her for NOTHING, I’m sick and tired of her. You go, everywhere she tells you, and just whenever she wants, and do JUST all that she wants, come on! I’ll pass her to you, and be her BFF, all yours! And if this wasn’t enough, another one in the middle, Phoebe, Maureen’s sister, saying that she’s had a lot of fun with Imogen. “-Great!! Go out with her then…”-

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