Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Today Esther had new clothes to go out, the gifts! Imogen’s got drunk because she always drinks alone in the Sylvan, since Esther told her that she was not going there anymore, anyway… They have to put up with her, because besides when she’s drunk she’s even ruder (if possible), until she began to talk to a guy about philosophy and the girls decided to leave her with him, hahaha. They’ve run into Becky and when Esther told her what they had done, Becky got annoyed by that, “what? But these people who don’t know anything, why do they have to give their opinion??” She wanted to get Imogen, so Esther cheered her up laughing to go out with her then. Later, of course, they’ve seen Luke and Co., Esther lately talks a lot to a friend of him ‘The Quiet’ and debating about Maureen’s thing until she heard them and all blushed left with Ivy, and they left her alone. Esther felt like they don’t have sense of humour. Going home she saw Imogen, who was still drunk and scared her fooling around, she also said that Jay and George were around, and to follow them. Then in a pub they were with Hugh and his friends, joking and making jokes of Imogen, not even noticing it… Esther had to tell her and they both left because that was too much…

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