Sunday, March 21, 2021


Tonight the girls have been calmly drinking in a pub and suddenly some guys introduced themselves, they were quite a pain, but thank God in the end they could get rid of them, they weren’t even cute… Partying through the pubs of the zone, Esther’s been seeing Jay almost all night long, but she didn’t realise until leaving the pubs, quite funny. In the last ones she was even embarrassed ‘cause this time she wasn’t following him. Someone whom the girls have also been running into, was Luke, who, by the way, finally has talked to Maureen, especially because it's too obvious too, how she stares at him, and confessed her that he didn’t want anything with her, just maybe good friends. So, she’s got devastated. Esther’s met Herbert and JM too, who have been teasing her a long time, they just go too far!! And then again dancing with JM’s friend. At the end of the night they’ve run into Ivor and Molly, who are all the time together, they’ve even said that they’re dating: amazing!!! They’ve become heavies!: amazing too; LOL. They were the kings of dance and right now they're heavies, how is that possible? Anyway! Good for them if they like each other, a bit weird though, after such a long time together as friends. That made her night and the girls too, gossiping about it.

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