Monday, April 5, 2021


Esther has decided to write a love letter to Jay, because she found out his address and all his information. She thought that maybe was a very weird craziness but Wendy dared her, so then she showed her that she could do it. When she was about to send it to him, started thinking that he might see her, and obviously that could be very embarrassing. And this is exactly what has happened on Saturday, so Esther tried not to look at him. Besides Imogen has gone to say a couple of things to George and he spit on her face. Freaking amazing!!! And even denying they had kissed, Esther knew he was lying, because she was there! For another hand Luke’s friends were cheering Maureen up, they didn’t expect anything like that, even one of the guys started to flirt with her, saying that Luke was an idiot for not worthing her, and saying she was very beautiful. There has been also a moment that they saw Stelle, and told her about Ivor and Molly , and she didn’t know anything of that, who also informed Esther that she was going out with the girl she was with more than the others, because they got tired of so many dramas (duh, obvious) and they sometimes date guys who are friends, like it’s something common. Well, yes, she might be right, but if you don’t like a guy at the beginning, and after some months you like him, what happened there? (Again Esther just thinking all this to herself) Going home, Esther has met a couple of boys, who were nice but they wanted to go with her to her pad, but she didn’t trust them, so she told them to leave. How strange things can happen in a night, Esther is glad, that even though she gets drunk, she knows what she’s doing, like letting some strangers go with her, when she is totally capable of going alone…

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